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a break from your computer and move out.

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I have been a WoW addict for almost all of my existence. When I was just six years old, I began playing WoW. When I was 12 I was playing for over 10 hours every weekend. I became obese, and I spent almost my entire teenage years playing the game. I stopped playing around years 17-19 and started losing the weight. I also made new friends and became addicted to drugs (marijuana dependence). However, I found myself immersed in the game each month and I played on for a long time.

Last Christmas break I got intensely into WoW Shadowlands before deleting my account the following spring. It hurts a lot to look back at all the characters and the time lost. It's not something which I am unhappy about, however, I miss my high-level toons and the opportunity to raid another mythic+.

I'm currently a level 70 warlock in a new account I set up in the summer although I never began playing too much at that level. It took me a while to get to 70, and I essentially did not do any end-game content.

After many months of playing console games like Halo MCC and Pokemon with moderation, WoW has me back. Recently, I started to watch some WoW videos and play. It's hard not to think about playing the game once more. It's only 15 bucks and I'll get back on my TBC warlock...

The problem with moderation is that: It can keep your addiction circuits in motion and can make it difficult to make real life-changing changes. It's akin to hibernating. Relapses always lurk in the near future.

You'll have to shell out more than $15 to return to WoW. It would cost you weeks or months of time Your progress could be reset, and the sacrifices (deleting the account and going through withdrawal) will be wasted and insignificant. At the end of the day, you would probably experience more pain and discomfort than the temptations you're now facing.

The urges to indulge will vanish if you resist them. Take a break from your computer and move out. Be busy, and do other things. Get rid of the ruminating. And, for the love of God, stop watching WoW's streams and videos. Do not allow yourself to relapse.

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