Honkai: Star Rail - Emotional 'Stop One Heart From Breaking' Lyrics & MP3

The article discusses the impact of the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 update, particularly the release of "If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking," which evoked strong emotions among global fans. It presents the heartfelt lyrics of the song and provides a download link for the MP3. The l


Since the launch of Honkai Star Rail's update 2.0, Hoyoverse's marketing team has been creating waves with their captivating trailer and mesmerizing music. Following the excitement stirred by "White Night" in anticipation of Penacony, emotions ran high as "If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking" was released, leaving fans worldwide in a state of heartbreak.

Here are the heartfelt lyrics to the song, allowing you to immerse yourself in its emotional depth. You can also download or stream the song using the link provided below, connecting with fellow trailblazers on this poignant journey.


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Download Link (MP3): https://mega.nz/file/rugversb#pua4fozzzrbk5ep7xclmmsk2hbi0q2qi5qtgsnkke88

Experience the profound emotions captured in "If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking" and join the worldwide community in embracing its powerful resonance.

Credits and Copyright Owner: Hoyo-MixBorn free with no chains to bind,But what determines my destiny?As the white petals are swept away,I find myself trapped in a cage.

Alone in endless isolation,My illusions slowly fade.But one day, I will break free and dream.

I long for my heart to courageously take flight,Soaring beyond the darkness towards the original light.Let the clouds cleanse away my stains,Gently wiping the sorrows of my life as I dream.

What is the meaning of miracles?A concept beyond my grasp,Yet somehow, repeatable.But how do I break free from this cycle?

Without hesitation, I seek the answers,No longer held back by uncertainty.Now, I will set my dreams free.

I yearn for my heart to boldly spread its wings,Soaring through the night to find the primal light.

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