WoW Shadowlands Datamine Reveals the Future of Sylvanas

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WoW Shadowlands Datamine WoTLK Classic Gold Reveals the Future of Sylvanas

Ever since players were defeated by Sylvanas during the penultimate battle within World of Warcraft Shadowlands, they've wondered what would ultimately become of the character. She essentially betrayed all of Azeroth and even her own faction, to serve the Jailer. Now, thanks to the datamining of an upcoming story epilogue, fans have an inkling of Sylvanas' fate.

Wowhead collected data from a handful of voices from the epilogue of the Zereth Mortis campaign, which will be available with the real-time version next week. The voice lines aren't the complete story by any stretch of the imagination However, they provide an extremely clear picture of what's going to take place to Sylvanas and the person who's responsible of her demise. The spoilers are below.

World of Warcraft : Shadowlands - Cinematic Announcement

Based on the voice messages The leaders of Azeroth are content with leaving what happens to Sylvanas to Tyrande, who is the chief of the Night Elves. Sylvanas has, after all made a galactic massacre against Night Elves by burning buy WoTLK Classic Gold down their home, Teldrassil, and started an open war with the Alliance that was the driving force of The game's Battle for Azeroth expansion. The execution of death at Sylvanas commands was in order to send more souls to the Jailer to help fulfill his plans. With all this in mind, Tyrande is perhaps the best person to carry justice for the crimes Sylvanas did.

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