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Doctify India doctors are known for their compassion for patients. Our team of highly experienced international physicians located in Dubai is dedicated to making our patients' journey towards a healthier lifestyle a relaxing one.

Our vast network of 4 hospitals and 16 clinics in Dubai and Sharjah gives you access to top-quality healthcare. Our facilities span the entire region, and our patients benefit from the convenience and closeness of our facilities that set us apart from other healthcare providers.

At Doctify India Hospitals Medical Centres, we have a staff of more than 350 doctors that includes 30 distinct specialties. Doctors in Dubai are also multi-cultural with various backgrounds from around the globe, speaking a variety of languages and working with multi-cultural patients. In addition to having a pleasant and welcoming encounter with our doctors, patients can rest assured that they can access the most advanced UAE medical technology and resources. Patients are our priority for Doctify India, and our doctors are there for all the process.


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