But this growth point is nothing to the whole Xishan County? With the establishment of combustible ice automobile factories

But this growth point is nothing to the whole Xishan County? With the establishment of combustible ice automobile factories in Xishan County by Korea Contemporary Automobile Group and Japan Toyota Motor Group, the economy of Xishan County has developed rapidly. Because of a large number of job opportunities, the per capita income of the people in Xishan County has increased five times in that year! The fiscal revenue of Xishan County has increased eight times compared with last year! Become the focus of Hexi Province! In the second year of Liu Fei's entry into Xishan County, with the official production of the combustible ice project and the official production of the combustible ice automobile factory, the total economic output of Xishan County jumped to the first place in the province and ranked fifth among the top 100 counties in the country! It has become the first county in Hexi Province to enter the top five of the top 100 counties in the country. This year, Zhou Wenfu, a member of the county Party committee, was transferred to Tangshi City and became the vice mayor of economic development and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. Liu Fei was also officially promoted to Xishan County Party Committee, and Xu Guangchun, the provincial Party Committee, was transferred from Hexi Province to the central government. In the third year, that is, the second year when Liu Fei was in charge of the county committee, the whole economy of Xishan County tripled compared with last year! It has become the first of the top 100 counties in the country and achieved a miraculous development! Under the attention of the leaders of the provincial party committee and the central leadership, it was exceptionally promoted to a separate city at the provincial level. The administrative level of Xishan County was raised by half. Liu Fei, the secretary of the county party committee, was also promoted from the main office to the deputy office. Stepping on the two-year red line, he formally entered the deputy office level! And this year, Liu Fei is just 27 years old! In the heavily guarded villa in Yanjing City. The old man with a pipe and the old man with a purple clay pot sat opposite each other, and the merciless years added a lot of wrinkles to their faces, showing their old age. The old man with a pipe narrowed his eyes and said,collapsible pallet box, "Old man, Liu Fei has done a very good job in the last two years. Xishan County has become the focus of the whole country. Now the slogan of learning from Xishan is loud all over the country!"! I think the time is about right! It's time for him to meet his parents. The old man holding the Zisha teapot nodded slightly: "Well, I feel almost the same.". Our brothers are still too conservative in playing chess. When Liu Fei comes, I must have a good contest with him and feel the spirit of young people! Holding a pipe, the old man's face showed a trace of worry: "Old guy, I feel that Liu Fei's spirit is too strong, I feel that he should be honed in Yanjing City, otherwise when he really enters the next stage of his official career,plastic pallet supplier, I'm afraid it will be bad for him.". The official position reached the level of deputy hall, and the contest at the county level can be completely different, I am really worried that he was eaten by those old Youtiao people, even the bones are not left! The old man holding the teapot nodded gently: "You are right, I am ready!"! Let him meet his parents and hone him by the way! With these words, the old man stretched out his left hand and took out a document from the tea table and handed it to the old man with a pipe. The old man put on his presbyopic glasses and looked at it carefully, only to see a few big characters written on the top of the document: "Notice of Admission to the Central Party School!" [Mengmeng said]: Brothers, Liu Fei's road to the county magistrate has finally come to an end today. In the next stage, Liu Fei will go to see his biological parents. Who are Liu Fei's parents? Why have they not seen Liu Fei for so many years? In the next volume of "a trip to the capital", we will solve the mystery one by one, at the same time, Liu Fei's political struggle will also open the chapter, more intense, more exciting official struggle, will slowly open the curtain, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, the higher the level of political contest, the higher the degree of danger, often killing people without blood! Can Liu Fei survive in such a high-level political contest? Please continue to pay attention to Mengmeng's "Official Career", every level of officialdom, Mengmeng will bring you new feelings, new harvest! I hope you will continue to support Mengmeng and support genuine subscription! By the way in the roar: the brothers who have PK tickets support Mengmeng a lot! The fifth volume of the trip to the capital chapter 309 small crisp meat dispute. On August 8, Liu Fei will never forget this day. At nine o'clock in the morning, there was a heavy rain and wind and rain outside the window! The sky was terribly overcast. In the county committee, Liu Fei and Zhang Qun, the new secretary of the county committee, completed the handover work and left the county committee with an umbrella. Zhang Qun, with hundreds of people from the county government, personally sent Liu Fei outside the gate. A taxi was already waiting there. The wind was very strong, and the rain was slanting down. A small umbrella could not block the cold wind and rain at all. But all the people did not care about these, everyone looked at Liu Fei with tears in their eyes, at the door, Liu Fei shook hands with everyone one by one to say goodbye! Every time I shake hands with a person, I will call out the name of that person, and then encourage him. Now this county party committee and county government team is a real practical team created by Liu Fei, former reporter Zhou Wenfu, and current reporter Zhang Qun. Those who shook hands with Liu Fei, with rain and tears mixed on their faces, held Liu Fei's hand and refused to let go for a long time. In the short four years of Liu Fei's term of office, Xishan County has leaped from a provincial poverty-stricken county to one of the top 100 counties in the country, and people's lives have changed from struggling on the food and clothing line in the past to a well-off level now. Looking at the tall buildings and villas rising from the ground on both sides of the street, and the endless flow of cars on the street, Liu Fei's eyes are full of satisfaction. He knew that when he came to Xishan County, his promise was fulfilled. After shaking hands with the crowd, sunspot opened the door for Liu Fei, who just wanted to get on the bus. But at this time, a large number of people suddenly came from all directions, old people, children, men, women, holding umbrellas, wearing raincoats, all of a sudden surrounded Liu Fei's taxi, many people said to Liu Fei: "Liu Ji, do my car!"! Liu Ji, be my car! Smiling, Liu Fei closed the car door and walked into the middle of the crowd. He waved his hand to the crowd and said, "No, thank you, fellow villagers. I came alone when I came, and I still walked alone when I left!"! I hope all the villagers will work hard to make life better and better! At this time, a gust of wind blowing, Liu Fei's hands did not pay attention,plastic bulk containers, the umbrella was blown away by the wind, bean-sized raindrops fell on Liu Fei's body, his suit was instantly wet by the rain.


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