Can JavaScript be beneficial for Big enterprises' application development?

The rapid advancement in Tech-world is continuously introducing a plethora of app development technologies, including platforms, frameworks, advanced programming languages, and ready-made tools.

The rapid advancement in Tech-world is continuously introducing a plethora of app development technologies, including platforms, frameworks, advanced programming languages, and ready-made tools. 

But among all new-age technologies, JavaScript is still trending for website and mobile app development. Since it is Java-based most reliable programming language hence a question arises whether can JavaScript is helpful in designing big enterprises applications, so here are the reasons:

Compatibility with Web browser and Android platform

The approach of every large-scale business is to use every tech-based resource including android, iOS, and browsers, and OS, to give the best use experience to its client. In regard to this, JavaScript wins the battle and provides every natively rendered cross-platform and web browser (Google, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and many others) compatibility. 

Faster development process

Every business, irrespective of its size, needs to finish the development process quickly. JS fulfills that requirement by offering speedy app development. In order to get a hassle-free JavaScript-based website or android app, you can hire JavaScript developers

Cost-effective application development

Costing matters a lot for a business to own a business-based application, and JavaScript is rich in them. The feature of code-reusability reduces the java developers' efforts and time to write the code repeatedly. As a result, the use of JS in an app design costs less than employing other app development programming languages or open-source frameworks.

JavaScript is a bundle of valuable libraries and frameworks.

JS is an open-source programming language written in Java. Hence, it is compatible with its parent language; as a result, JS has a suite of various libraries and frameworks. These libraries and frameworks facilitate developers to decrease the time and effort needed to create huge JavaScript applications. As a result, many app developers favor using dynamic JavaScript frameworks including AngularJS, Backbone, Ember, and React. 

However, you still have the choice to select from a vast selection of JavaScript libraries based on your unique requirements for instance, JS widgets including DHTMLX, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Dojo Widgets, and template frameworks like Cascade Framework, Mustache, Handlebars, jQuery Mobile, and Mustache, etc.

JS enhances the application functionalities

JavaScript professionally managed by JS developers enhances the functionalities of web and Android apps. Since JS is a scripting language, it facilitates developers to create off-screen effects, data calculations, and more dynamic web pages. 

Using external scripts is another way that JavaScript enables you to increase the functionality of a website. JS designed applications are easy to modify and update; as a result, without using any additional plug-ins or tools, placing of new features as per your business need is easier and faster.

Hopefully, it is clear now that JS itself is enriched with loads of quality features. As a result, it is still in demand for application development for a startup to large-scale enterprises business. 

Additionally, Xamarin is one of the unique app development platforms which is helpful to employ JavaScript in application development. Hence, it is beneficial to hire Xamarin app developers well-versed in JavaScript to get complete and problem-free application development.

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