Comparing IVF Costs in Chennai: Finding Low Cost IVF in Chennai

Many couples across the nation want to experience becoming parents. Due to severeinfertility issues, couples cannot conceive a baby naturally. Infertility causes anxiety anddepression. Infertility destroys the lives of happily married couples. Some couples even lookout for adoption options. Many clinics and hospitals offer low cost IVF in Chennai for couplesfrom different parts of the world. Chennai offers various advanced technologies andprocedures. People across the nation choose Chennai as a preferred destination. IVFtreatment cost in Chennai is much more affordable than in other cities in India. IVF cost inChennai is much more affordable than in other countries. The best IVF clinics offerexperienced doctors and medical staff, ensuring a high success rate in conception.

IVF cost in Chennai 2024:

IVF treatment can help both men and women with infertility issues with various advanced methods. There are different methods for different infertility issues. The doctor will examine the couple’s infertility condition and then give advanced treatment according to their condition. The IVF treatment cost in Chennai depends on the cause of the infertility proble  in a couple. World Fertility Services offers low cost IVF in Chennai. The IVF cost in Chennai is between INR 1,75,000 and INR 3,00,000. Some other factors can influence the IVF treatment cost in Chennai. World Fertility Services offers affordable counselling and
advanced care to their patients facing infertility issues. They also offer health check-ups and various tests and examinations to determine any genetic or hereditary conditions in a couple.

Factors Affecting the IVF Cost in Chennai 2024:


Many clinics offer IVF treatment in Chennai for both male and female infertility issues. The IVF cost in Chennai depends on various factors. Couples struggling with severe infertility problems need IVF assistance. There are several infertility issues that can be treated with IVF treatment. If a couple has faced previously failed ART (assisted reproductive technology) methods, including a failed IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycle, they may need IVF method assistance. These previously failed ART methods can increase the IVF treatment cost in Chennai. Couples who have faced previous miscarriages and failed pregnancies
need IVF treatment. Couples facing genetic diseases who don’t want to transfer their disease to the baby can opt for IVF treatment. These issues can affect the cost of IVF treatment in Chennai.


What steps are involved in IVF treatment?


The IVF procedure is done inside a laboratory and outside a human body. Experienced, skilled doctors will take several tests and examinations to diagnose the health of the intended parents. These screening tests also help diagnose the fertility issues of the
intended parents. These examinations also help in finding any genetic or hereditary conditions in the intended parents. The best fertility clinic will offer counselling to the intended parents. Counselling sessions help to calm down the mental health of the intended parent. Infertility can cause deep anxiety and depression. Counselling session helps to manage the stress, anxiety, and depression levels of the intended parents. These tests and counselling sessions can increase the IVF cost in Chennai.

IVF treatment begins with hormonal medications. The fertility doctor will recommend hormonal medications to the intended female parent to stimulate the ovaries. The hormonal medications help produce more healthy eggs. These healthy eggs will be collected from the ovaries of the female parent. A catheter will be used to retrieve the eggs from the follicles. The expert will ask for a semen sample from the male partner at the same time. If necessary, the SSR (surgical sperm retrieval) technique will be used if the male partner is not able to provide his semen through normal ejaculation. The SSR technique can increase the IVF treatment cost in Chennai.

The expert will mix the sperm and the eggs of the intended parents in a laboratory. The mixing will happen when the gametes are placed in a petri dish. The doctor will monitor the mixing procedure until the formation of the embryos. The expert will monitor the development of the embryos inside the laboratory for the next four to five days. The doctor will select the best embryos for the implantation procedure. The doctor will implant the embryos into the uterus of the female partner. A catheter will be used for the implantation procedure. Pregnancy symptoms will be visible once the embryos stick to the uterine lining.
The expert confirms pregnancy with blood and ultrasound tests. The intended female partner will deliver a healthy biological baby through a C-section and normal vaginal delivery. A C- section delivery can increase the IVF cost in Chennai.

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