Boothill Joins Honkai: Star Rail in 2.2 Update - Full Kit Reveal

The recent leak for Honkai: Star Rail revealed exciting details about Boothill's impressive kit, focused on delivering strong physical damage. Boothill, the newest five-star character, is set to join the game in version 2.2, with Robin following shortly after. These characters won&#

The recent leak for Honkai: Star Rail has revealed exciting details about Boothill's impressive kit, which is focused on delivering strong physical damage. Boothill, the newest five-star character, is set to join the game in version 2.2, following the trail of Hunt. This anticipated patch will also introduce players to Robin in early May.

It's worth noting that Boothill and Robin are not expected to make an appearance in version 2.1, as the characters for the current version have already been confirmed. In addition to the character updates, Honkai: Star Rail will feature two new event-exclusive banners - "Words of Yore" and "Laic Pursuit." Players will need special rail passes to obtain Acheron, Gallagher, and rerun units like Pela and Luocha from these banners. Furthermore, the space fantasy RPG will bring back Dan Heng, a beloved wind character following the path of Hunt.

According to the schedule, version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail is set to go live on March 27th. Exciting times lie ahead for fans of this popular game!

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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