Why is Field Force Management Software Important? Challenges & Solutions

If you are in the field service industry and looking for ways to easily monitor the on-field activities, it’s time you should switch to a high-graded solution like TrackoField.

Field services are handled at different task locations. This makes it hard for field managers to track their employees’ locations, task status, and current activity. However, monitoring these activities is relevant to altering current and future field plans. Well, that’s exactly where the Field Force Management Software helps.

It provides various features and functionalities at one stop that field managers can seamlessly access and run to execute their daily operations. Moreover, challenges like inefficient shift scheduling, inaccurate attendance data, unreasonable expense claiming, etc., come to a halt with the software. Read this guide ahead to learn how field force management software is helping field managers resolve daily work challenges.

What is Field Force Management Software?

A field force management software consists of various modules like expense management, task management, attendance & leave management, etc. All these let field managers seamlessly track and monitor the on-field activities.

Using the software means smoothly handling your entire field operations. Also, you can enjoy Real-time GPS tracking , ad-hoc task allocation, smooth dispatching and scheduling, and easier expense reimbursement. Even the software helps in managing resources efficiently. Its cloud storage collects large amounts of data that managers can analyze to make data-driven decisions.

On-Field Challenges Resolved by Field Force Management Software
Discover challenges you can easily resolve via field force management software.

#Challenge 1: Faulty Attendance Marking
Faulty attendance marking includes buddy punching, login from different places, and wrongly putting a clock in/out. These practices are shaped when employees perform most of their tasks outside the office. Also, when employees are not monitored by managers.

Solution: Geocoded Attendance Marking
With geocoded attendance marking, managers capture geo coordinates and timestamps of employee’s task locations. Therein, they ensure that employees are present at the location only. As employees punch in from their apps, they cannot simply mark attendance on behalf of their colleagues. This reduces the chance of buddy punching and ensures employees’ availability in the place where they are supposed to be.

#Challenge 2: Inaccurate Expense Claims
Another biggest challenge in the field service industry is inaccurate expense claims. It is often to see employees asking for more reimbursement than actually happened. Adding to this, employees may incur expenses not for operational purposes but for personal motives. So, it is a necessity to prevent expense claims with easy tracking and monitoring of expenses.

Solution: Distance Traveled Reports
Upon receiving bills and receipts on expenses incurred by employees, managers can validate them against the distance traveled reports. They can easily assess the distance or miles covered by employees. Thus, reimburse employees accordingly. Also, these reports help managers evaluate that employees spend their expenses and working hours only to conduct official activities.

#Challenge 3: No Real-time Updates
It is important for field managers to get real-time insight into employee movements, breaks, locations, and task status. However, they cannot really put their entire focus on it by simply relying on manual paperwork. This may result in inadequate transparency and unclear communication between the team members. Let’s move below to reveal how the field force management software helps in resolving this issue.

Solution: Real-time Employee Tracking
Yes, with the best field force management software , managers can simply get every detail they need in a matter of a few seconds. From employees’ locations to the tasks they have done, they get to learn about all. Moreover, with just a simple glimpse of the software, they can assess employees who are available, on duty, off duty, and on leave. Thus, they better monitor their team and on-field activity.

#Challenge 4: Inefficient Job Scheduling
Efficient job scheduling results in streamlined operational processes. However, for that, you need information on your employees’ availability to schedule their work, assignments, projects, tasks, meetings, etc. On top of that, you need to maintain a clean and clear schedule for team members to simply act on it. But, it cannot be possible with paper-based methods. That’s why you need to switch to the solution stated below.

Solution: Drag and Drop Schedule
Field force scheduling software consists of a drag-and-drop feature. This feature helps managers seamlessly manage resource allocation and schedules for their employees. After assessing employees’ availability and their current task status, managers drag and drop schedules. Thus, they make planning easy and enjoy a visual overview of the plan.

Final Words!
So, these are all the benefits of field force management software and how it helps in resolving challenges associated with the field industry. You can definitely make the most of this software and enjoy:
Real-time employee tracking
Live workforce monitoring
Easy expense reimbursement
Efficient shift swapping
Geocoded attendance marking
Ad-hoc task allocation


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