7 rules & regulations to get medical marijuana in New York

Are you 21 years old and living permanently in New York? If yes, then you may be eligible to use marijuana for a medical condition. However, you still need to know that how to get medical marijuana in New York.

Without proper information, you cannot make the right move to use medical cannabis. So, let’s get started with 7 rules and regulations that are stated under NY medical marijuana program.


Meet eligibility conditions

As a general rule, you must meet the qualifying medical conditions first. There is a list of eligible medical conditions that you should check to confirm whether you have one among them. If not, you cannot use medical marijuana. So, always start the process by fulfilling this particular rule.


Get patient certification

Upon meeting the first condition, you then need to visit a licensed physician to get the patient certification. Remember, the individual must be a participant of the NY medical marijuana program. If the physician agrees that you can use medical weed as an alternative treatment, you will get the certification.


Surrender your application

The actual process on how to get medical marijuana in New York will begin with this step. Now you have to submit an application online by creating an account on the website. Along with the application, you must submit ID proof of NY residence and your identification. If the application is approved, you will get the MMJ through email.


Visit the dispensary

You can visit the medical marijuana dispensary after attaining the card. It is not legal to visit a dispensary without a card. You can get weed for up to a 60 day supply as per prescription by the physician.


Caregiver service

As per rules, you can appoint two caregivers to obtain medical weed on your behalf. You can appoint caregivers if you are unable to visit the pharmacy in person. The caregiver also needs to register once your application is approved.


Weed cultivation

You are also allowed to grow marijuana at home just for medical purposes. But, you can only grow 6 plants at a time.


Can minors be cannabis patients?

Yes, they can be cannabis patients. But they require caregivers who can only get 30 day supply of cannabis on behalf of minors.

To conclude, weed is legal in New York but with strict compliance to rules. In case of non-compliance, you would be charged with a legal summons by police.

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