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Vikings Quarry Gold in Arizona Hundreds of Years Before Columbus Vikings Quarry Gold in Arizona Hundreds of Years Before Columbus

There are numerous stories which are informed over the coasts of the North Sea in regards to a 'Glasberg' or 'Glastemplel' which sank under the waves. 'Glas' may be saw as meaning 'Amber.' The story of the "Princess on the Glass Pile," is very common with at the least thirty variations. In Scandinavia, Brunhilde, the valkyrie, rests on the Glass Mountain. She was located there by Odin. Siegfried rides up on his horse to free her. Chances are they get married.

Most of the versions of the Glass Pile talk about the Rod star. The Indian story of the hill of Meru (The Glowing Mountain) lies under the Pole star. On the Summit of Mt. Meru stay the Gods and the Souls of the ancestors (Asgard and Valhalla.) That Emerald Hill was on an area near Heligoland (Atlantis) and sunk beneath the sea circa 1500 BC. This was the product for many 'Glass Mountain" legends that's been made into Fairy Tales through the entire world.

The Axe Cult: During the Bronze Age the Conspiracy of the Holy Axe Norse axes  throughout the world. Axes are present in graves, below position stones, in house sites, applied largely as ritual offerings. They certainly were occur the planet earth upright with the cutting edge in the air.

Might axes were found in Scandinavia, Indonesia and France. These Habit Axes, were probably wanted to a pre-historic 'Guitar God.' Many axes that have been found were new and unused. Many copper, little Axes were used as pendants across the neck. Several stone representations were found depicting an Axe God. The Guitar Lord, carrying a sizable axe, is shown on a stone floor at Simrishamm, South Sweden.

The God of the Axe was especially recognized during this pre-historic period. It had been most certainly started in the North. Axes were manufactured from flint, deer or reindeer antlers, bone and copper. The first double-sided axe was within Scandinavia. It is an authentic Nordic tool which distribute for the duration of Europe and England. The earliest flint Axe on the planet was dated 1700 BC.

But who had been this pre-historic "Axe Lord?" On one of the straight monoliths at Stonehenge, the forms of four axe-heads are found. That implies that the Axe-God relates to the Pillar God. The Pillar God is Poseidon. In earliest Greece, Poseidon occasionally looks holding just one and sometimes a dual axe. Later on Poseidon exchanged his Axe for a Trident.

The origin of Frisian Laws originates from the Frisian Lord Fosite. He visited over the stormy seas to the sacred area of Frisia. There he threw his axe on the shore and a spring gushed up. The place was called 'Axenshow,' or 'Axtemple.' The Frisians sat across the spring and the Lord Fosite taught them the Law. Fosite was an Axe God. He was teacher of Law, the best Determine, saviour from chance at beach, waker of springs, all the same qualities fond of Poseidon.

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