About Renova

Renova is a boutique Calgary home builder and renovation company servicing the city and its surrounding areas.

Renova stands tall among Calgary home renovation companies, a boutique builder and renovator for over three decades. Crafting dream homes is more than a job; it's about infusing security, sanctuary, and value into family lives. We're not about being the biggest in town, just the best. Our team, though small, packs a punch, from personalized renovations to ground-up constructions.

One thing we've learned in our long tenure is the significance of community. Calgary isn't just a place we work; it's where we contribute. Over 75% of our business blooms from referrals and repeat clients. Why? Because we're all about open communication and total transparency. Trust is our cornerstone, much like the homes we fashion.

But it's not just about homes; it's about fostering community roots. We've lent our hand and heart to various causes, backing schools, fueling youth sports, and supporting local initiatives. Giving back isn't a task; it's a privilege.

Operation Renovation embodies our commitment to non-profits, revamping spaces for those who selflessly serve our communities. Recognition and awards? They're a bonus, but the real reward is the smile on our customers' faces. Our philosophy? Customer satisfaction reigns supreme.

Calgary isn't just a canvas for our craft; it's the heart of our purpose. Renova isn't merely a company; it's a commitment to building dreams and bolstering communities, one renovation at a time.


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