Looking For Help? Try These Self-Help Books

Nothing in this world is more complicated than struggling against oneself, in all honesty. It is a battle of life and death, where you have to meet all the standards—to ensure you will end up on a prosperous path that will lead to peace.

However, this is not always easy, especially when someone is going through the worst time of his or her life. Whether it is the loss of someone special, a failed marriage, or a personal loss of faith, the only person who can make things right is—you!


Only you have the power to open doors and ultimately improve things. You must therefore look for and find something to give you the confidence to start believing in yourself again. In this circumstance, self-help books can be helpful. Such books have the power to motivate and inspire you to have confidence, making it easier for you to conceive various ways to deal with life's challenges.


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Best Self-Help Books


These best self-help books can equip you with the skills you need to live a better life, but you won't experience any changes in your circumstances unless you put some effort into putting the ideas and advice from these books into practice. So, do help yourself by reading and practicing the following books that the below lot will provide:


Love Letters From Ishra: The Power of Transparency


Love Letters From Ishra: The Power of Transparency is an inspiring and beautiful self-help and motivation book that will help you to gain the power of transparency with God. It is a pure feeling of joy and pleasure that the author wants to share with the world. It tells the story of Danisha (the author), who felt disconnected from God when she tried to speak in tongues while growing up in an apostolic church. But she found that by being honest with God, she was able to experience a closeness to God on par with members of her former congregation. Danisha, who has been given the new name Ishra by God, presents a collection of private journal entries in her book Love Letters From Ishra that show the voice of God speaking to her as she prays. Danisha's journaling reveals her struggles with waiting on God for guidance and her need to pray for enemies, including her husband's treatment of their four children, as she seeks guidance for an ending marriage. Danisha demonstrates how to rely on God for wisdom, and her openness in prayer reveals God's unfailing love for us. The book is available on Amazon for purchase.

You Are Worth It!


Have you ever thought about why you have yet to find Mr. or Mrs. Right or why you aren't married yet? You might not have to wait forever. Or you may not even be waiting at all! Take this book as your medium to start to investigate God's purposes for your marriage and His actions in the interim. Discover how a tiny and insignificant change in your perspective can drastically alter your outlook and catapult you into a season of planning, self-love, and focus. This book offers insight into the waiting process along with simple tools and action steps that will put you on a fast track to finding your future spouse—while God supports you throughout. This book will tell you that God’s plan is the greatest and You Are Worth It, no matter how insignificant you think about yourself or your situation. So, are you ready to go on this transformational journey? Grab your copy of this fantastic and life-changing book from Amazon.




This decent book is a part memoir and part self-help book. It is about discovering your voice, your true self. Discover your inner potential and voice as the author walks you through her own personal journey of letting go of other people's expectations and, in place of doing so, trusting and empowering her inner voice. This book will inspire you to listen to yourself rather than believing and empathizing with those who only serve to undermine and harm you over the course of your life. It serves as an inspiration to restore your confidence in your abilities and in yourself in order to become successful.


The Alchemist


Similar to the magnificent read Love Letters From Ishra: The Power of Transparency, this decent book will also help you to have faith in yourself. This book narrates a life of a boy named Santiago, who sets out to find treasure in the Egyptian pyramids after having a recurring dream about it. However, his voyage will not be that simple. Along the way, he meets mentors, experiences love, and—most importantly—learns the importance of accepting himself for who he is, improving himself, and discovering what is truly important in life.


This concludes our list of the best self-help books. We hope that you find it inspiring and encourage yourself to try these magnificent pieces of creation from brilliant authors such as  Danisha Deans, LPC ACS CCTP. However, if you require additional assistance, you can always seek out a qualified therapist or professional and use TABs (THERAPY ACCOUNTABILITY BOOK), which is made to help you monitor and boost accountability for your own progress while receiving assistance from a support professional.


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