Navigating Accommodation for International MBBS Students in Russia

Every year many students are joining MBBS in Russia. In fact Russia is a dream land for many international students because there are many top-notch medical universities in Russia.

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Every year many students are joining MBBS in Russia. In fact Russia is a dream land for many international students because there are many top-notch medical universities in Russia. The universities provide vast exposure to the medical students.

It goes without saying that students would consider the country's housing options before enrolling for MBBS in Russia. They could have a lot of questions, such as whether it will be affordable, if they will have a good study environment, how long distant those will be from their colleges, and many more.


University Dormitory:

A dormitory, often referred to as a hall of residence or a residence hall, is a type of facility used mostly by boarding school, high school, college or university students for their residential and sleeping needs. This is the most economical choice for accommodation for a student who wants to study MBBS in Russai.


  • Dormitories are available for students from abroad and local students.


  • They are often found close to the institution or on campus.


  • Two to four students can share a room.


  • Writing tables, chairs, closets, bookshelves, mattresses, and nightstands are common furnishings in dorm rooms.


  • Common amenities found in university residence halls include communal kitchens, exercise centres, game rooms, canteens, and laundry facilities.


  • Bicycle and locker rooms are also provided. On the property, a security service is in operation.


Living in a dorm requires students to abide by specific regulations.

  • The most apparent ones are to take care of the furnishings, keep your room neat, avoid making too much noise like loud music, TV, parties, etc.
  • Let the hall supervisor know if you will be gone for an extended period of time.
  • In Russian residential halls, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  • These guidelines will be explained to you when you arrive.

Many international students who are coming for studying MBBS in Russia out-of-town students prefer to get the facilities of dormitories because of its affordability and study ambiance.

Well… you must be getting confused about the difference between a dormitory and hostel. If so, have some discussion on it.

The distinction between a dormitory and a hostel is that the former is a type of commercial overnight accommodation offering shared facilities and dormitory accommodations, particularly for young people, while the hostel is a type of room with several beds (as well as additional furniture and/or appliances) used primarily by students for sleeping. Depending on the kind of room and capacity, one, two, or three students may share a hostel. While a large number of students can stay in a dorm at once.

Rental Apartment

It is essential to seek for a rental flat or room if your institution does not offer a dorm or if you do not think living in one is a possibility for you for any reason. It will cost more, of course, but you may choose a location and degree of comfort that you like. You will get to pick your neighbours whether you intend to live with a host family or rent a flat with other students.

Well… If you wish get some more ideas about the accommodation facilities available in Russia, better contact to the advisory team of Ria Overseas.

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