Usage of RFID Technology in Libraries: An Computerized Metheod of Circulation, Protection, Monitoring

Usage of RFID Technology in Libraries: An Computerized Metheod of Circulation, Protection, Monitoring

Keeping pace with the existing trends in that Information Age, it is required to digitise Fourah Bay University Library so that it can purchase some prestige. It is really a widely accepted trend that libraries which have caused a mechanised program have attracted interest and improved their reputation accordingly. In this very day and era, there is unquestionably improvement in the currency of searchable documents, improvement in the currency and manufacturing of Recent Attention Bulletin, and capacity to search and change knowledge in several various ways consequently of digitisation.

As number selection is self-sufficient in information resources, information discussing is facilitated consequently of digitisation. It is quite probable with the use of the computer to share the assets of Fourah Bay College Selection with different libraries and information products without the difficulties and restrictions displayed by the catalogue. By digitising Fourah bay University Selection, staff may understand new abilities based with this new engineering; boring careers could be delegated to devices; simpler and quicker use of information; simpler method of treating writing errors; accessibility to faster functioning hours thereby giving added earnings for the staff

Digitised academic libraries stay to gain among other point increased result and more effective tasks in paperwork and information handling, information system advancement and great get a handle on of documents management and retrieval.Taking into consideration how big the Fourah Bay School Library selection, their digitisation needs sufficient financing by the college administration. Nevertheless, or even the Sierra Leone Collection which supports rare and crucial documents of old and study value, some of which are out of printing must be digitised.

By digitising the Sierra Leone Variety, the country's national heritage will soon be well preserved for posterity. Local papers and some important papers situated in the Series are so flimsy that if they are maybe not digitised, as years go by, there's every inclination to allow them to wear out and become unreadable.The Cataloguing Department of the Selection which techniques just purchased components before placed on the cabinets for accessibility requires a computerised cataloguing process that will present an obvious superiority over its handbook counterpart.

A digitised cataloguing process involves the creation of catalogue cards as well as the availability of high speed printers. Unlike information cataloguing, a digitised cataloguing process guarantees development in perform movement; more effective function room and increased output can be envisaged. Depending on the availability of needed resources to embark on this all-important task, the Sierra Leone Selection and the Cataloguing Division must certanly be prioritised in digitising Fourah Bay University Library.


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