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Interteck Packaging is an American supplier of high-quality Pharmaceutical and Industrial Desiccant. Get a Custom Product Package Design for Food Packaging, Freight, Logistics & Health Care.

On your path to sustainable food preservation, do you feel lost?

You can get top-notch oxygen absorbers from Interteck Packaging! Each oxygen absorber is made from food-grade materials and, when used in a sealed environment, reduces oxidation by at least 99%. As a result, the oxygen levels are kept at a desirable 0.01%. To suit your specific requirements, you can get a food moisture absorber in sizes of 50cc, 100cc, 300cc, 500cc, 1000cc, or 2000cc. The moisture-absorbing packets not only stop food from oxidizing and discoloring, but they also stop infections like mold, fungi, bacteria, and yeast from growing. Additionally, no preservatives are used. Interteck Packaging is undoubtedly your most affordable option for environmentally friendly food preservation!

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