Gondola Suspended Platform

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Gondola suspended platform – raising your buildings with competent types of equipment!


With the new age construction development, there is the development of various equipment developing for construction. Similarly, with the coming of new equipment, there is a gradual shift observed from using traditional and unsafe construction mechanisms to the changing new types of equipment. And one of these is a gondola suspended platform.

Gondola suspended platform

Gondola suspended platform is also known as “rope suspended platform.” The name defines the technique. The Gondola is a high-efficiency model used at heights for several jobs such as installing glass facades, curtain wall installation, painting, external wall plastering, as well as maintaining the exterior surfaces of any building.

The Gondola is an efficient and even safe method to be reliable and opt. Scaffolding the old practice was unsafe for workers. In today’s days, getting a skilled workforce is challenging. So, to ensure the safety of people, contractors opt for this method nowadays.

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