Regeneration in the Mecha Empire

But there's no point in thinking about it now. The next second he will be a dead man. Jack did not think that when he really

But there's no point in thinking about it now. The next second he will be a dead man. Jack did not think that when he really had the courage to face death, his heart became calm instead. Jack closed his eyes as he looked at the laser beam that was getting closer and closer to his fighter plane. But that doesn't mean Jack has given up completely. Now Jack, through the teaching of two cruel coaches, Feng and reality, through constant hard training again and again, has long imprinted the complex fighter control keys deeply in his mind. And the location of the fighter plane in the battlefield just now was also remembered by Jack. With his eyes closed, Jack's hands were still beating in the control room of the ghost fighter. But if you look at Jack from the outside now, you can't believe it's so stable. Calm manner and temperament. Unexpectedly, it appeared on Jack, who was usually full of evil spirits and looked lazy. Although it seems that the speed of tapping the keyboard has not improved much, the coherent rhythm of the ghost fighter's trajectory has suddenly become empty, clearly placed there. But it's like transforming into another space. My God! What is this. Jack he, he actually managed to dodge the main gun attack launched by three S-class warships. And look at the way he is now, he has not entered the state of time stop. And he is now calm as if disappeared in front of people's strange realm, is not Feng understand any kind of ability level. If the maple in Jack's brain had not met with his own eyes, he would not have believed that all this was true. The weirdness and mystery that Jack brings to him is just too much. Even Feng can't understand Jack's bottom line now. Could it be that Jack himself has created a new fighting state, which is a legendary thing, and it is impossible for him to succeed at his peak,plastic pallet bin, but now his apprentice, this perky young Jack, has actually reached.. Jack, who felt that time had only passed for a short moment, opened his eyes, and the destruction of the plane in the preparatory course did not appear. He almost dodged the past, he actually survived,plastic pallet supplier, Jack shouted excitedly in the control cabin. And this joy took Jack out of his tranquil state of detachment. The soul state of the maple looked at the fighter plane in the control cabin of the giggling Jack can only secretly call a pity, "what, unexpectedly evaded success, that fighter plane actually evaded the S-class warship main gun lock." The commander of the Phantom Empire Warship saw Jack's fighter easily dodge the last second, and the destructive attack launched by three S-class warships from his own side at the same time, and naturally said to himself in disbelief. Impossible, this can not, is his strength is already the top of the A-level armor division, when a small battle, the Dragon Empire actually called such a strong armor division to participate in the battle. Pull up the video of the class armor just now and put it in the left corner of my command commentary. The commander-in-chief of the ship commanding the battle in the Phantom Empire issued orders to the XO around him. Then in the upper left corner of the commander's screen, Jack dodged three S-class warship beams, flashed, disappeared, plastic pallet box ,heavy duty plastic pallet, and then reappeared. Fast, gives people the feeling is fast, teleportation, if not for the warship commander Huan Wutian to slow down the speed of the video by 100 times, then he must have thought that this armor just used a class and above warship with teleportation. After being slowed down a hundred times, it shows that Jack's armor changes direction five times in a row, then flips back and forth and flies at full speed. Captain, do you want to lock the main gun on the armor again? "The commander of the warship next to him asked Huan Wutian." No, it's no use to lock on. With our battleship firepower, it's only possible to destroy it if we expand it a hundred times and stop attacking the dreadnought to lock on to that small armor. Remember that it is possible, this armor is not the configuration of our warships now, can be destroyed. Retreat, send out the retreat signal, all armor return to their own warships, A-level peak armor division unexpectedly appeared, quickly report the battle situation to the magic emperor, ask to support A-level armor division or allow withdrawal. The commander of the battleship, Huan Wutian, sighed. Retreat! The ships of the Phantom Empire have retreated. "Jack, sitting in the armor, sighed that he had just experienced an illusory and wonderful feeling, an indescribable feeling, and just wanted to see from the enemy fighters to find that kind of feeling of Jack, unexpectedly found that the fighters of the Empire of Fantasy had begun to retreat.". Jack is not foolish enough to chase a group of warships with his own fighter plane. Turn down the fighter form button, instantly the fighter turns into a human form, manipulating the ghost armor floating in the universe to fire continuously at the enemy fighters that have not yet run out of range. It's all money. Every armor destroyed can be paid from the dreadnought after the war. Of course, Jack can't give up such a good chance to make money without any danger. Chapter 117 the challenge of Gull Snow. Inside the ethereal level 10 main warship, Feng Sisi, Jack, Lu Da, Ou Xue and others, surrounded by the information receiver inside the warship, are eagerly waiting for the task reward to be announced by the dreadnought warship. "Ding" won the Battle of Chaos and repelled the invading Third Fleet of Fantasy Warships of the Empire of Fantasy at 10:13:3 on the 6th, 11th and 30th days of the Dragon Empire Universe. Now announce the completion of the chaos campaign mission, Dragon Empire S-class mecha team, ethereal team, combat personnel A-class mecha control division three Ou Xue, Jack, Lu Da. Dragon Empire S-Class Mecha Team, Destruction Team, Combat Personnel Nat, Kayla.. Jack Belonging Team Dragon Empire S-Class Ethereal Team Destroy 850 B-class mecha and 5 A-class mecha of the Empire of Illusion,plastic pallet manufacturer, and reward 670000 cosmic coins. Chaos Campaign Task Ranking Heavenly List No.1 Nat: Team Dragon Empire S-Class Destruction Team Destroy 450 B-class mecha and A-class mecha of the Empire of Illusion, and reward 490000 cosmic coins. Chaos campaign mission ranking second in the list of days. Lu Da Belonging Team Dragon Empire S-Class Ethereal Team Destroy 250 B-class mecha and 2 A-class mecha of the Empire of Illusion, and reward 250000 cosmic coins. Chaos campaign mission ranking number seven in the list of days. Ou Xue: Belonging to the Dragon Empire S-level Ethereal Team [Qishu Network-wWw. QiSuu. COm].


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