Record of Sword Demon in Other Realms

The eyes of the meaning immediately scared them to run away with a stream of urine! Looking at their ridiculous appearance

The eyes of the meaning immediately scared them to run away with a stream of urine! Looking at their ridiculous appearance, Yi Xuehan couldn't laugh or she never thought about it. The mind of laughter! How can a lonely man laugh? Perhaps will smile also only has the endless coldness! This road is chosen by Yi Xuehan! She knows! When she personally killed her servant Tang Ao who had followed her for many years, she already knew! An unavoidable path! All because she has no choice! Or sink or take off! Yi Xuehan chose the latter! Say goodbye to your past and take it off! Get the most eternal rebirth! Yi Xuehan has no regrets about what he has done! But now she hesitates! In Yi Xuehan's mind, he has made a rational analysis to leave his new life. There is a regret that it is easy to be cold when there is only the last step left from one's eternal rebirth. You Yu! She knew her fault was him! And she knows who he is! And she knows where he is! But now she hesitates! Because she doesn't know if he can and will accept himself! Or it should be said that she knew very well in her heart that he could not accept it at all. Self! But what can be done? I chose to take this road early in the morning! Back off There is no place to retreat! Are you as helpless as I am now. Just as aimlessly? Yi Xuehan touched the white hair on the top of his head, "stepping on snow!"! Even if it is to follow oneself outside. I have been wandering for a day and a night, and I am still as white as the warm fur of the evening! Feel the'fairy 'on your back gently stroking the top of your head because of these two. Tired days of'stepping on the snow '. Suddenly he felt a rush of blood all over his body, and he felt that his The body is full of strength again! Then there was a high hiss of horses in the suburbs! When the horse's neigh had died down, the roar returned from the open country. Brought back bursts of vivid echoes! Hear their own echoes, feel the infinite power of their own hissing,mobile garbage bin, 'stepping on the snow more and more. Excited and then. The sound of hissing and rumbling is continuous between the vast heaven and earth. When he was tired of stepping on the snow and roaring and stopped, Yi Xuehan felt worried in his heart. Yu also seems to be accompanied by the body'stepping on the snow 'hissing and gradually dissipated! Then she could no longer restrain her hands like jade into her arms and then pulled them out. The white jade Xiao Yiyitian Que! Slowly raise the red lips for a while melodious. But do not lose the exciting sounds of nature Xiao Yin from Yi Xuehan In the hands of'Tianque 'slowly spread! The sound. Like rain moistening all the life on the earth! The sound is like Qiong Niang's sucking. Lead all the creatures under the sky! The sound. Like immortal music, it gently and softly passes through the whole earth and the sky. Empty! This voice contains life and death, hope and extinction,collapsible bulk container, joy and fear, and is heard by all. The sound is in the ears of animals! Then together they began to search for the source of the sound! They converged into a ribbon and slowly converged into a torrent and went straight away. After Yi Xuehan played for a period of time, not only did she step on the snow, but she had already listened to it. She was fascinated, and a large number of various creatures slowly gathered around her: Flying in the sky are all kinds of strange birds, common, not common, wholesale plastic pallet ,stackable plastic pallets, beautiful, not. The beautiful ones with wings and without wings are all coming! All the people who walk, climb and run on the ground are coming! The floating, jumping and shuttling in the middle of the water are all here! Here come all the creatures who can understand the music! They gather in the easy snow cold and 1step around the snow to run, jump and dance.. But the only regret is that no one came. Or because you can't hear it! Or because you don't understand! Or no one listens at all! It is because people's minds have been covered by dust that they can't hear, understand or listen. Hoodwink! What about your own heart? Yi Xuehan asked herself, but she couldn't find the answer! All she knows is that her heart is flying slowly with the music. This is'Xiao Xiao Shui Han Jue! '! The truest'Xiao Xiao Shui Han Jue! Because at the moment of Yi Xuehan, her heart with Xiao Sheng no longer have any reservations! But there is always an end to flying! And the flutter always falls! When the music stops, when Yi Xuehan puts away his.. All the surrounding movements at the time of Tianque Only then did he suddenly recover from his crazy freedom and see the choice of Yi Xuehan in front of him. When he ran away, Yi Xuehan knew that he had returned to this helpless world! And there are also many choices in front of her that she needs to make! She has to make a decision. Choose! Because she has no way out! And because she can't avoid it! Yi Xuehan believes that there must be a choice in life! You can't take it off. You have to choose! And all this, of course, is in their own real off the eternal before! And now it's my turn. Choose the time! She chose not to hide! She has to face it! Face him, no matter what he gives himself. What's the answer! As long as you can face it, it is your own victory! As for what happened after that, Yi Xuehan He decided not to think about it and let him go! Let's go back to the city! It took Yi Xuehan a lot of determination to take a picture of "stepping on the snow". Ma Tou "stepped on the snow to understand the meaning of the fairy on his body" and then galloped toward the capital! If you can't get it, let everything be destroyed! Yi Xuehan's heart made one that even she herself could not believe and felt crazy. Decision! Can't have, only destroy! Destroy everything that can be destroyed and then destroy itself. Self! On horseback, Yi Xuehan smiled bitterly and never looked back! Yes, there is no turning back! Jian Zhen Jing Hua Chapter 157 Encounter Novel Bus Updated: July 26, 2010 18:19:33 Words in this chapter: 4885 Is that you? When the night dream cicada received his servant girl said that someone outside the house was looking for Mr. Dugu, it was his own time. Out of the door, I saw Yi Xuehan, who was leading a white horse,plastic trash bins, waiting at the gate of Shu House! For Yi Xue's cold night dream cicada, of course, he clearly remembered himself and Helong Cheng a few months ago.


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