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Finding that he had not gone wrong, he controlled Qingyue and continued to fly fast along the riverbed. After flying for about

Finding that he had not gone wrong, he controlled Qingyue and continued to fly fast along the riverbed. After flying for about two hours, he felt something was wrong. Before that, there were some frozen corpses on the riverbed, or there were many ice stones hanging on the riverside. But the farther he went, the cleaner he found the river and the riverbed. There was nothing by the river, and it was cleaner than a dog. He took out the map again and looked at it, only to find that he didn't seem to be going the wrong way. No, brother, the glacier on the map is getting wider and wider. And now we seem to be getting narrower and narrower. Beiwei, standing beside him, suddenly pointed to the map and said to him. He looked at it carefully, and sure enough, he was really wrong about the map. Or he's going in the wrong direction. Shan Binglan's map is looking up, but he's going down. The direction was judged by the width of the glacier, not by the signs on the map. Kui hurriedly controlled Qingyue to turn around. At this time, there was a sudden'click 'in the glacier below Qingyue. The glacier, which had not been abnormal at all just now, suddenly cracked. Hurry in. Without waiting for Tang Beiwei to speak, he reached out and pushed her into the inner cabin. At the same time, the eight-pole tripod began to operate. "Boom, boom.." After the loud noise,empty lotion tubes, the cracks in the glacier suddenly had a strong suction, which reminded me of the bottom of the river swamp before. Kui experienced this kind of thing once, of course not without vigilance, he instantly controlled the rapid departure of Qingyue. Fortunately, with the help of the Winter Solstice on the bow of Qingyue, the speed of Qingyue was not affected by the cold, which made it rush out of the range of suction at a very fast speed. But when he looked back at the crack that had just opened, he found that the crack had disappeared without a trace,cosmetic tube, as if it had never appeared before. Without waiting for him to be shocked, he felt a strong aura again, which was like the feeling he had in the soul pool of Shayuan Medicine Valley, giving people a great sense of comfort. Even more comfortable than the feeling in the soul pool, he even felt that he had just absorbed a little bit of Reiki, and his realm had improved a lot. What a rich aura. Lin Yiban, standing on one side, cried out in amazement. Kui did not control Qingyue to continue to leave here, but looked at the glacier in amazement. Then he suddenly understood why there was nothing around the glacier, the cracks coming out, and the terrible suction, even if there were more things would be sucked away. Dan just let out a little bit of Reiki inside the crack to let them feel comfortable, if it is to enter the crack to practice, what will be the effect? I can't even imagine. But he did not dare to go down, and now he was not alone. What if there is any danger under the riverbed? Suddenly Lin Yiban folded his fists and said, "Lord, metal cosmetic tubes ,eye cream packing tube, I.." Although the words behind Lin Yiban did not come out, he understood that he looked at Lin Yiban and said, "Do you want to enter that riverbed?" Lin Yi nodded his head firmly and said, "Yes, Lord, the spirit in the riverbed is pressing. It's obviously an excellent place to practice. I think if I don't have such a place to practice, even if I practice all my life.". But if I get into that, maybe I can be promoted to be true. In fact, not to mention Lin Yiban, why don't you want to enter the bottom of the riverbed to practice? Dan Cai's aura is really something he has never seen before. ——, He looked back at Luo Ying and others and suddenly said, "In that case, let's go in together." Wuji Zong and Lei Yunzong's chop suey killed Ji Ji, which made him angry to the extreme. After coming to Nan'anzhou, he has been given special care and benefits many times. With the kind of good old man who was killed, it can be said that Ji is only helpful to the real world of Nan'anzhou, without any harm. A lot of big Zongmen's defensive array is arranged by him, such a person was killed, how can he be reconciled? Even if he died, he would help Ji to avenge himself. If you want revenge, you must have strength, and if you want strength, you must have a good place to practice, but under the cracks in the riverbed is the best place to go. Kui did not ask Luo Ying and others, he believed that Luo Ying and light snow will be with him, no matter where to go. He controlled the blue moon and stopped, but the crack in the riverbed never appeared again. Until noon on the third day, when he decided not to wait any longer and continued to look for the spiritual marrow of Shanbing Lan, the cracks in the riverbed appeared again. At the same time that kind of suction came, this time did not control Qingyue escape, but try to reduce the speed of Qingyue. Even so, the blue moon fell at a terrible speed, like a meteor. Fortunately, he had an experience, and the flag in his hand was constantly thrown out, and it seemed that there was no ice under the riverbed, and the flag was not frozen and cracked. Although Qingyue could not stop, Qingyue slowed down obviously. Boom. There was a loud noise, and the blue moon hit the bottom of the riverbed with a loud boom. Fortunately, Luo Ying and others have a certain degree of repair, but there is no damage. Lin Yiban was already a congealed monk. He and Xu Tong were the first to come down from the blue moon. They were immediately surprised and said, "There is no ice in it, and the aura is really strong and terrible.". This is definitely the best place to practice, better than eating any elixir. By this time Kui had already come down, and the rest of the people on Qingyue came down one after another. Only then did everyone see clearly that there was indeed no ice here, and there was a faint coolness, which was estimated to have been brought down from above by Dan's cracks. He put away the blue moon and looked inside. There was nothing here except the rich aura that could hardly be melted. If there is anything, there is only some fine sand under your feet, and then the fine sand extends into the distance,pump tube, and you can't see the edge all the time. Even if the divine consciousness sweeps past, it will find that the divine consciousness disappears inexplicably. This is not the forbidden land of the Ice God. Lin Yiban obviously saw clearly the situation inside, and immediately affirmed.


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