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After a while, the one-armed old nun suddenly said, "The poor nun's heart is not pure. He is making a fool of himself."

After a while, the one-armed old nun suddenly said, "The poor nun's heart is not pure. He is making a fool of himself." The Taoist Priest Xuanfeng coughed and led the conversation away, saying, "a few years ago, I heard that the two demons each broke one foot, and I expected that it was the master who did it." The one-armed old nun said with a smile, "Three years ago, I traveled to Badaling and happened to meet these two devils. They didn't know how to advance or retreat, so they decided to compete with me.". At that time, he was still doing something wrong, so I only gave him a little punishment. "Fortunately," said the Taoist Priest Xuanfeng, "the Master stabbed them. Otherwise, it would have been even more difficult for us to escape this meeting in the Taihang Mountains." At that moment, the two demons were hired by Yunzhen to kill the heroes of the five northern provinces on the Taihang Mountains. The one-armed old nun's eyes were about to crack. He said bitterly, "If I had known this, I would not have let them go today." After talking for a while, the one-armed old nun said, "Have you ever been to the south of the Yangtze River in recent years?" "Our four brothers haven't crossed the Yangtze River in ten years," said Xuanfeng. The one-armed old nun said, "I've heard that my great disciple has colluded with the great thieves of Jianghu to make trouble for the merchants. Have you four also heard of it?" Xuanfeng shook his head. The one-armed old nun said, "I'm in the world, and he still has scruples. So although he doesn't keep the Buddhist precepts, he still doesn't dare to do evil openly. I'm afraid that after I die, no one can subdue him." Xuanfeng was taken aback. It turned out that the one-armed old nun had passed down eight disciples. Except for Lv Siniang, the other seven had all finished their apprenticeship and were scattered in Jiangshang, known as the Seven Heroes of Jiangnan. The leader's name is Leyin. He is a monk with the highest martial arts. With a Zen staff, he defeated twelve masters in a row and overwhelmed Jiangnan. Although the seven swordsmen are from the same school, their martial arts skills are uneven. Gan Fengchi, who ranks seventh, is the most famous, but his internal and external skills are far from the same. Followed by the fifth Bai Taiguan, as for Lu Minzhan,akba boswellic acid, Li yuan, Zhou Xun and so on and so on, and not necessarily how outstanding. Lu Minzhan and Zhou Xun had been to the Kanto, with the ceremony of their predecessors, saw Xuanfeng, Xuanfeng and they tried, but thirty strokes, both of them were defeated. At that time, Xuanfeng thought to himself, "Why is the disciple of the one-armed old nun so mediocre? Think of Gan Fengchi and the cause. Although it is so powerful in the south of the Yangtze River, it seems to be limited. Now, when I see the one-armed old nun say this, I can't help wondering.". The one-armed old nun pointed to Lu Siniang and said with a slight smile, "She tried her sword today. It's rare for her to defeat the eight-armed gods and demons alone.". But it will take a few more years of training before she can control her big brother. Xuanfeng was even more surprised when he heard this. Seeing that Lu Siniang was smiling, she seemed to be an innocent little girl. She couldn't believe that her swordsmanship was so powerful. "Elder brother," said Liu Xiankai, "this girl saved my life." Xuanfeng couldn't help believing it and said, rosmarinic acid supplement ,pumpkin seed extract, "I had already beaten these two devils away without waiting for Shenni to make a move." The one-armed old nun laughed and said, "That's not true. She doesn't have that kind of kung fu. Later, Hercules joined the battle group. It was only when I appeared that they fled in confusion." After a pause, he said, "In the past two years, I've heard about things that don't follow the rules, so I specially passed on the swordsmanship of Ying'er and Xuannu. If he does evil in the future, I'll ask Ying'er to clean up my school for me.". But I'm afraid her skill is not deep enough, and I hope the four swordsmen can help her. When Xuanfeng heard this, he could not make a sound. The one-armed old nun added, "Ying'er will go down the mountain tomorrow and make her way in Jianghu. I hope the four swordsmen will help her." The four swordsmen of Kanto even said they didn't dare. Chen yuanba said with a smile, "As soon as Nvxia came out, she just made up the eight swordsmen of Jiangnan. They are twice as many as we are. The north and the south echo each other, and they can also strengthen each other's momentum." The one-armed old nun said sadly, "May it be so!" As soon as Chen yuanba thought about it, he realized that he had made a slip of the tongue. If he had gone astray, how could he be considered a knight-errant? He accosted him and said with a smile, "It's a pity that Nvxia is going to the south of the Yangtze River. Otherwise, we'll go to the capital together and turn the Forbidden City upside down!" "Lu Siniang suddenly raised her eyebrows and said," There will always be such a big one! " The four swordsmen of Kanto looked at each other in surprise, but the one-armed old nun said softly, "Your ambition is commendable, but you still need to be bold and careful." Yan Hongkui, a famous Confucian scholar in eastern Zhejiang, said slowly, "Niece, your grandfather wrote a book against the barbarians. What he revealed was an open and aboveboard banner. We want to drive the Manchus out of the pass. I'm afraid it's not the trip that Jing Ke wants to leave. We can help." Jing Ke was a knight-errant in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Jing Ke's assassination of the King of Qin and the assassination of Qing Ji were all well-known knight-errant acts. Yan Hong said this, meaning that he disapproved of the use of assassination to solve national affairs. It also has a derogatory meaning of the ranger. When Xuanfeng heard this, he was greatly displeased. "I'm afraid the Confucian scholar's empty words won't help," he said coldly. Lu Siniang blushed and said in a low voice, "Thank you for your uncle's lesson.". I think what Taishigong said is reasonable. With the knowledge of true Confucianism and the righteousness of chivalrous men, great things can be done. What Lu Siniang quoted came from Sima Qian's (Taishigong) "Preface to the Biographies of Chivalrous Men" in the "Historical Records." When Yan Hongkui heard this, he said with a smile, "So you haven't abandoned your books all these years." Lu Siniang took a sip of tea and lowered her gaze. "Have you grown up in Kuan?" She asked? Do you still study with my father? "He's half a head taller than your father," said Yan Hongkui! He studies very hard, and he has seen everything. It seems that he will be the one who can pass on your grandfather's mantle in the future. Tang Xiaolan listened in a trance beside him, although he did not know who "Zaikuan" was, and when he heard Lu Siniang talking about him so kindly, his heart was suddenly like an electric current passing through, full of flavor. Taoist Xuanfeng patted Tang Xiaolan on the shoulder and said with a sigh, "Master Zhou is my old friend for decades. He has entrusted you to me. I can't ignore him. But the four of us are wandering in Jianghu. Recently, we have been against the four princes. We can't settle down and teach you martial arts." At this point, after a pause, he said to the one-armed old nun, "I hope Shenni will remember that he is a direct descendant of Master Ling and accept him as a disciple." Tang Xiaolan was overjoyed and hurried over to kowtow, but the one-armed old nun did not wait for him to kowtow, so he lifted him up. The one-armed old nun smiled and said, "I am very old. After I accepted Ying'er, I have vowed not to accept any more disciples.". There is also a famous hero in the five northern provinces. Why don't brother Xuanfeng Dao send this child there? Xuanfeng clapped his hands and said, "Is Shenni talking about Yang Zhongying, the God of Iron Palm?" "Exactly," said the one-armed old man. As soon as Xuanfeng thought, Yang Zhongying's skill was not inferior to his own. At this meeting in the Taihang Mountains, he was able to escape from the hands of two demons. We can see that his sword is not old and his skill is good. He and himself have been friends for decades,best green coffee bean extract, and it is very appropriate to entrust Tang Xiaolan to him. Then he said, "Since Shenni refuses to accept disciples, we can only trouble the old hero Yang." 。


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