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Qin Huai did not feel that Qin Tian was partial, after all, from childhood to Qin Tian's heart is partial to him, this time the reason

Qin Huai did not feel that Qin Tian was partial, after all, from childhood to Qin Tian's heart is partial to him, this time the reason why he did not stand on his side is Qin Wan in the side. This can be good, in the heart nowhere to vent resentment of Qin Huai, even Qin Wan to complain. Qin Zheng although most of the time do not care about the Qin family business, but Qinhuai that day by day greater resentment, he still see in the eyes. If Qin Tian is at home, the situation may be better, but unfortunately a few days ago Qin Tian went to the field to inspect, recently are not at home. What did uncle say when he asked you to go back? Gu Ming looked at Qin Sheng curiously and asked. Actually, it's nothing, just ask me what I think. Qin Sheng gently shook the glass in his hand and looked at Gu Ming with a smile. What did you say? Gu Ming asked. Qin Sheng raised his eyes and said with a smile, "I won't attack unless I'm attacked. If I'm attacked, I'll pay you back twice as much.". I do not take the initiative to go to the black hand is the biggest concession, but if Qinhuai himself hit the hand. It won't be like this time when he was scolded by his aunt. "Really?" Gu Ming raised his eyebrows slightly. Truer than pearls. Qin Sheng gulped down the red wine in his glass. The empty wine glass reflected a different kind of light under the light of the restaurant. Gu Ming was attracted by the light for a while. After a moment, he looked up at Qin Sheng and said, "You just know it in your heart." After that, the two men did not discuss the issue much and went home together after dinner. Although Gu Ming and Qin Sheng broke through an unusual relationship,wire nail machine manufacturers, that relationship did not become very hot. Some people say that after a woman shows herself to a man for the first time, she will fall very quickly in the face of the man who has given his body. Gu Ming admitted that after that time, she and Qin Sheng felt more intimate, but she did not fall as quickly as others said, or as usual, she did what she should do. Most of the time, she went back to her home downstairs and slept quietly until dawn. The atmosphere arrived,nail manufacturing machine, and when he felt it, he would occasionally stay out at night. Finally, he did not let Qin Sheng continue to live the life of a monk who could not be seen and eaten all the time. Gu Ming is very satisfied that whether to let Qin Sheng eat meat, this decision is in her own hands, as long as she slightly shows a little unwilling appearance, even if Qin Sheng some breathing instability, or will be based on Gu Ming's wishes. Another point is that Gu Ming is not responsible for safety measures, Qin Sheng will be very conscious of their own to do a good job, to ensure that Gu Ming will not suffer from unmarried pregnancy that kind of thing. Without people to make trouble, everything developed very smoothly, Gu Ming and Qin Sheng's mood that is greatly good, only poor Qin Huai because of dissatisfaction with Qin Sheng, specially let Qin Wan arrange him to work with Qin Sheng, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine supplier, want to have a good contest with Qin Cheng, but the result was Qin Sheng everywhere rectification, but also the kind of bitter unspeakable rectification, really let him suffer badly. In less than a month, he flinched and carefully hibernated, waiting for the next opportunity. Master Gu's son's wedding was not held in the city, but in the city where the woman lived. Because Muse Jewelry released the news early, the new product will not only be worn on the body of the bride and groom, but also will be attended as the spokesperson of the new product, and will make a press conference in the local area. In order to make the new product of Muse Jewelry appear perfectly, Gu Ming, the spokesperson, had to go to Shanghai in advance, and Tang Ming was naturally in the same trade. Originally, Tang Ming thought that Qin Sheng had a job to do and could not go to Haihai with Gu Ming. He was secretly happy. Before he finished laughing, he knew that Qin Sheng had finished his work ahead of time and was ready to go to Haihai with Gu Ming. Since it was Master Gu's own son who got married, of course, he would be there in person. After the spokesman's affair was over, Master Gu went to the sea with He Xi. He had no reaction to Song Yao's going abroad to avoid the limelight and Qinhuai's being suppressed. It has to be said that the daughter-in-law of the ancient master is not small. Not to mention that the girl is beautiful, her family is also a famous rich man in the city. Moreover, she does not belong to the so-called upstart who has met a good time to get up, but a family with inside information. It is said that there are people who have been high officials in their ancestors. It is not necessary for the auction house to take out all the antiques in the family. Of course, the ancient master is not poor, the ancient master and Xue Lao are different, Xue Lao is young when relying on their own ability to come up, after years of baptism to have today's achievements, and the family of the ancient master is linked to antiques, but the ancient master's talent is high, in recent generations is also a top-notch figure, so the family background is absolutely not bad. These two families can also be regarded as well-matched, and a couple of newlyweds can also be regarded as beauty and talent. Chapter 549 wedding. After a busy preparation, the wedding was finally held as scheduled, to the wedding day, Gu Ming just know the ancient master spent a lot of money to buy the glass duck in the end is for what. Looking at the wedding scene display as a token of the ancient master's son's proposal of the glass duck, Gu Ming can not help but secretly smack his tongue, it seems that the ancient master's son really likes the daughter of this rich man, but in order to marry this wife but spent a lot of money. At this time, Gu Ming was so busy lamenting Master Gu's big deal for his son to marry his daughter-in-law that she forgot that the 10-carat diamond ring that Qin Sheng proposed was still in her hands. To really count up, the value of a 10-carat diamond ring is no lower than that of a glazed duck, and Qin Sheng has spent a lot of money in order to marry a wife. However, compared with Master Gu's son, Qin Sheng was not so lucky. At least Master Gu's son got married smoothly after sending the glazed duck. Qin Sheng put the diamond ring on Gu Ming's ring finger in a semi-tough manner and failed to get a positive answer,wire nail making machine, which was really pitiful. The only daughter of a rich man in Shanghai married the son of an ancient master. Such a wedding was naturally very luxurious, and the cameras of the major media kept ringing, so there was no moment of rest.


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