The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 4

Uncle Zhou Shaoyuan said he came to Beijing on business. "How many days can you stay in Beijing?" Asked the elder sister.

Uncle Zhou Shaoyuan said he came to Beijing on business. "How many days can you stay in Beijing?" Asked the elder sister. He said, "I arrived last night and will leave the day after tomorrow." At this point, he smiled very well. He said, "At the front, I always dreamed of seeing Tiananmen Square with Chairman Mao standing on it." I think when I come back this time, I must see Tiananmen, because I have never been to Beijing. As he spoke, he took out a small bag from his bag and handed it to his sister, saying, "Comrade Tao Zhen, here is a small book I gave you and some other things.". Our unit is really grateful to your group, which often writes letters of encouragement to us. I would also like to thank you in particular for the books and newspapers you sent me. I hope we will keep in touch in the future. I was going to ask someone to bring this small bag to you, but when I came back, I brought it myself. There's probably a letter in there. Now I have to go, and there are still some comrades waiting for me in Zhongshan Park. As he spoke, he stood up and went to get his clothes. I quickly grabbed him and pleaded: You're finally back. Would you like to sit down for another two minutes? Tell us a little more about North Korea. Grandpa, grandma and sister kept him again and again. He sat down again with a smile. I asked, "Are you all right in North Korea?" He laughed and said, "Well, eat well, dress well,plastic pallet manufacturer, everything." Grandma asked, "Did you work hard when you were fighting?" He laughed and said, "It's not hard!"! With the support of the people of the motherland and the help of the Korean people, everything went smoothly! I asked, "What kind of work are you going to do when you return to North Korea?" He raised his eyebrows, put his hands on his knees and said with a smile, "We have a lot of work to do.". You can't imagine how badly North Korea has been destroyed by American devils! Over the past two years, we have fought side by side with the Korean people and fought the American devils out,ibc spill pallet, and now we are going to rebuild this beautiful country side by side with them.. At this point he looked down at the watch on his left wrist, and it turned out that two minutes had passed. Uncle Zhou Shaoyuan stood up again, and I had to hand over my hat. The four of us stood in the doorway, watching his back as he walked in the rain, watching him turn the corner, and then reluctantly came in. As soon as she got back to the house, her sister opened the small bag, which contained a small commemorative book with blue leather and gold characters, printed on it: "Celebrating the Second Anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers Going Abroad", the following is "Presented by the Chinese People's Consolation Group to the DPRK". There was also a white silk handkerchief in the album, with a red star and a profile of Chairman Mao printed on the corner of the handkerchief, as well as the words "Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Defend the Home and Defend the Country", which were also presented by the condolence group. There was also a short letter, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet price, which we all stood reading beside my sister, which read: Dear Comrade Tao Zhen, I had wrapped up this memorable item a long time ago, but I didn't send it away several times. The opportunity has come today. Some people in our unit are going back to China. Let them take it to you. This small book is the crystallization of the blood and sweat of the people of the motherland, is a noble souvenir, the people of the motherland gave it to me, I love it very much, I give it to you, so that you on the road of learning, the size of the results on the board, as a memorial not to forget. This handkerchief is also the crystallization of the blood and sweat of the people of the motherland, and I also present it to you. When you are studying, wipe the hot sweat from your eyes. Learn and learn, go and go! Salute! Your friend Zhou Shaoyuan is on the Korean front. August 10, 1953 I really envy my sister, she got so many precious souvenirs, and they were given to her by "the loveliest person"! I picked up the handkerchief and looked at it again and again. It was so big and beautiful! Sister usually very little sweat, if given to me, it is very appropriate! It will be fine in the Evening. I hope I can go out to play tomorrow. This morning, as expected, Zeng Xuejiao, Sun Jiaying, Li Chunsheng, Lin Yi and Fan Zumou all came. We were going to discuss where to play together. Fan Zumou suggested going to the Summer Palace. We all agreed to go further and be fresh. Sun Jiaying said that there were many ways to walk in the Summer Palace, and I was afraid that Zeng Xuejiao would not be tired. She suggested going to Shichahai, boating there, and then having a picnic on an island in the lake. She suggested that we should go tomorrow. She said that it had just rained yesterday and the ground was too wet, so it was not suitable for Zeng Xuejiao to go today. We all happily agreed. Zeng Xuejiao repeatedly said that she should not spoil everyone's fun because she was inconvenient alone. Everyone said it was nothing, and if we didn't have her to play with, we would be even more disappointed. We went to the Wangs again. Zeng Xuejiao sat in the car, and we all followed. Before reaching the gate of the Wang family, I saw the side door of the small courtyard on her street open, and several workers were coming in and out. We went in and saw that they were repairing the kitchen in the small wing. Wang Ruifen and Wang Ruixuan were in the courtyard, pointing and talking with several representatives on the street. Wang Ruixuan blushed with joy when she saw us coming. She hurried out, helped Zeng Xuejiao out of the car, and pulled us to her house. Lin Yi and the others smiled unnaturally and said, "We're not going.". We just came to ask you if you would go to Shichahai for a boating picnic tomorrow afternoon. Wang Ruixuan said happily, "I'll go!"! Come in and play for a while. The three of them must have refused and ran out of the door. Wang Ruixuan helped Zeng Xuejiao, and we walked slowly to Wang Ruixuan's room. At this time Wang Ruifen also came in. She was very happy and said to us, "You should often come to play in the future, and Ruixuan should often go to see you. You should help her a lot." After playing for a while, Sun Jiaying and Zeng Xuejiao left. Wang Ruixuan left me for dinner. She said that her father and mother had gone to Tianjin. Her father lived in Tianjin for a long time. Her mother would come back in a few days. There was no one at home. After dinner, we went to the nursery. The stove has been built for the children to cook. In two days, tables and benches can also be moved here. You can start to accept children on September 1st. Wang Ruixuan said that in the future, the door to their house would be blocked, and if they wanted to go in, they would go from the front. I didn't come back until the afternoon when I played at Wang's house. Today the weather is really good,collapsible bulk containers, after a few rains, the wind blows on the face, all a little cool. We were supposed to get together at Shichahai boat dock at four o'clock in the afternoon.


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