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At the moment Su yuan momentum a change, already ready to go, the sea is a mysterious place, there are too many things

At the moment Su yuan momentum a change, already ready to go, the sea is a mysterious place, there are too many things that ordinary people can not understand, including the spirit beast, even if the water within the golden elixir period or even the master of the yuan Ying period, for the vast sea is a smattering of knowledge, in the easternmost part of the continent there is a vast sea, called the infinite sea. In the documents of Zongmen, it is recorded that tens of thousands of years ago, an ancestor of Zongmen in the period of yuan Ying crossed the sea with a sword in order to explore the sea. Only half a year later, the yuan Ying Lao Zu was seriously injured and returned, it is said that he was attacked by a powerful spirit beast, and then fled back, only a month after returning to Zongmen, no one dared to do such a thing since then, just think, yuan Ying has been the existence of the peak of strength in the whole continent. And such a master can not resist the attack of the spirit beast in the sea, you can imagine how terrible the danger in the vast sea is. Although this is the inside of the tower of trial, it is not clear what will be in the vast sea, so Zhang Yuze is still a little worried about Su yuan, ready to help at any time, because he felt that the strength of the spirit beast in the sea ahead is unfathomable. At this moment, Su yuan was only a hundred meters away from the rolling waves. In a twinkling of an eye,collapsible pallet box, she had already rushed over. The sword came out of her hand and shot into the sea in the blink of an eye. A huge roar sounded, and a tentacle several feet long appeared on the sea. The tentacle beat the sponge and turned up the huge waves. Zhang Yuze stared at the front, this spirit beast seems to be a large octopus, the fact is not beyond his expectations, not long to see a huge octopus head on the sea, such a huge octopus before only heard but never seen, at this time the first time to see is also let him feel the whole body of hair erect, can not help but hit a shiver. But Su yuanjiao drinks,plastic pallet crates, the sword has been in the hand, the left hand lightly lifts a falling thunder to fall from the sky, hits on the giant octopus's body. Zhang Yuze can not help but nod, the spirit beast in the sea must be water attribute, and Su yuan is the practice of water attribute, if the obvious effect of water system Taoism is not as obvious as thunder system Taoism. But the effect of falling thunder is not as useful as imagined, only to see that the giant octopus seems to be unharmed, two long tentacles rushed out of the water, will beat on Su yuan's body, see this scene, Su yuan's body immediately a mention, to avoid the attack of two tentacles, the sword shot out again, cut on the tentacles of the giant octopus. The blow seemed to have an effect, and the tentacles hit by the sword instantly retracted back to the surface of the water, but three more tentacles rushed out of the water, already in front of Su yuan. Poof ~ The tentacles hit a curtain of water, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet suppliers, with a splash, but Su yuan had already sacrificed the curtain of water in front of her, withstanding the attack of the tentacles, but after a blow there was another blow, the octopus had a total of eight tentacles, all of which had rushed out of the water, surprisingly fast. Su yuan in the air constantly dodging the attack of the octopus tentacles, only defending but not attacking, appears to be somewhat embarrassed, but until this time there is no danger, Zhang Yuze also looked at peace of mind. About a quarter of an hour later, the octopus seemed to be very angry that he could not attack the little thing in front of him. His eight antennae were raised together, and he patted Su yuan. The speed of lightning made Su yuan a little too fast to dodge, so he had to hold his sword to resist the fierce blow. Zhang Yuze eyes in the distance a squint, just want to move, and then quiet down, the original Su yuan has long been prepared, this blow is just a touch away, and the hands of the sword has been replaced by a big light wheel, Su yuan double palm a push, light wheel immediately rotated up, the original giant octopus antennae want to roll it in the encirclement, but at the moment the light wheel will be all Seem to be in severe pain from the Nimbus. At this moment, Su yuan turned the Nimbus violently and went straight to the sea. The Nimbus had a huge impact on the giant octopus, and the octopus's head was deformed. Ah With a coquettish drink, Zhang Yuze found that Su yuan had been rolled up by one of the tentacles of the octopus. The long tentacles surrounded her coquettish body. The head of the octopus was only slightly sunk by the light wheel, and soon rebounded. The light wheel was bounced out by the elasticity of the Octopus's body. Chapter 20 smooth clearance Zhang Yuze could not sit still and immediately came with his sword, but when he approached the giant octopus less than 100 meters, he stopped again and thought about it and finally did not make a move. The way of spiritual practice is to be cruel to yourself. If you are also good for your friends, sometimes you should also be cruel to your friends. Although the strength of this octopus is very strong, it is not irresistible. It is better to leave it to Su yuan to solve by herself. Unless her life is really in danger, it is not too late to do it again. Just as the giant octopus was about to drag Su yuan into the water, it saw that the nimbus, which had fallen into the sea a hundred meters away, suddenly rushed out of the water. The nimbus rotated and sent out bursts of low sound. It took the giant octopus's antennae at a lightning speed. In an instant, it had already cut the two antennae wrapped around Su yuan. The blow worked, and the two antennae were already cracked, as if they were about to be cut off. After a sad lament, the giant octopus's antennae loosened, and Su yuan's figure reappeared in midair, but she looked extremely discomfited, pale and breathing heavily. The Nimbus hit, seized the opportunity to rush up again, around the rear of the giant octopus, and constantly hit its body. Su yuan stepped on the sword, her figure rose several feet, her expression was firm, her hands held the sword, and she drew an extremely complex shape in the air. The aura between heaven and earth changed, and all the water aura around her rushed in the direction of Su yuan. As soon as Zhang Yuze raised his eyebrows, he already understood that Su yuan was going to perform a very powerful Taoism and did not want to be affected. He flew several miles away and waited to see what would happen. Rich water aura concentrated in Su yuan's hands, only to see her Jiao drink,plastic bulk containers, the whole sea was rolled up by her a huge wave, this huge wave is far from the giant octopus Zhang Yuze saw before the huge wave can imagine, within a radius of tens of meters of the sea are all rough. binpallet.com


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