Heroes in the desert

Another clue was left at the scene, a jade pendant hanging with a thin silk rope. The jade was very precious. It was carved

Another clue was left at the scene, a jade pendant hanging with a thin silk rope. The jade was very precious. It was carved with a winged flying horse, flying in the blue sky. There were a few floating clouds and a crescent moon beside the horse. The jade pendant was held in Qi Yuncheng's hand, and the silk rope was broken, which must have been torn off from the perpetrator. That's the only clue. However, this clue is not very useful, no one knows the origin, asked for a long time before an old herdsman pointed out that he had seen such a pattern, it seems to be a Uygur emblem! But I can't name it. Analyzing the two steel needles used as lethal weapons, it was found that the poison was the tail poison of a poisonous scorpion from Tianshan Mountain. It is a very poisonous insect, a small scorpion, can kill a cow, and die very quickly, from poisoning to death, less than ten minutes. Because these scorpions are so poisonous, herdsmen will try to search and kill them carefully around them, so they are almost extinct. These two clues sum up, the murderer seems to come from the desert, which is the reason why the Qilian Mountains ride thousands of miles alone and go deep into the desert. The people on the pasture to follow, Qilian Mountain refused, the people only assassinated his parents, but did not hurt others, it can be seen that this is only their family's enmity, can no longer involve other people, this is one. The murderer came quietly and went quietly after the murder, and his father, who could plot against his martial arts, must be a very careful person. It was not easy to investigate. He went alone and looked for him quietly. Maybe there was hope. If someone from the pasture followed him, he would probably frighten the snake, because he had left Lanzhou for five or six years. The killer came recently, and probably didn't even know he was here! This is the second. The first reason can not stop people, because all the people on the pasture are Qi Yuncheng's loyal partners, decades of life and death of the old brothers, the death of Qi Yuncheng, they are sad and angry, I am afraid more than the Qilian Mountains, where they will care about the implications; But the second reason, it is very reasonable, the murderer's action is clean and neat, is clearly the old Jianghu technique, and those masters on the pasture are also mixed in Jianghu for most of their lives, everyone knows their relationship with Qi Yuncheng, all know them, they go, the murderer immediately knew, raised vigilance, but the eldest young master, five or six years at home, no one knows him. One of the most important reasons is the persistence of Qilian Mountain, someone followed him, he did not care, even the three tenths of the pasture shares he gave up. The loyalty of these loyal old subordinates to Qi Yuncheng is very impressive. Although Qi Yuncheng early divided the pasture, beam impact tubes ,precision welded tubes, they did not want to accept, more refused to break up, this pasture is the strength of their spiritual unity. They dare not hope that this playboy young master can really find out the murderer, but hope that he can wake up from that kind of inexplicable juvenile absurd dream as soon as possible, cheer up and inherit the cause of his ancestors. The tragic death of his master and mother is a stimulus to him. It is rare that he is willing to do something seriously. No one dares to go against him and disturb him again. It doesn't matter if he can't find out the murderer. Being able to turn around outside the Great Wall and hone for a year and a half will at least help him mature! So one of the most experienced old herdsmen told him the knowledge of traveling in the desert and all the related matters, and when the two dead were buried seven days later, he was sent to ride alone on the road! The sudden death of his parents, of course, made Qilian Mountain feel very sad, but it did not have much impact on his optimistic character. Although he was arrested, he seemed to have forgotten the task of this trip after leaving Yumen Pass and became a real tourist to experience the desert scenery. When he set out, he rode a fine horse and brought a pack horse with him. He brought enough equipment to travel in the desert. During his mourning period, he learned some Uyghur words that must be commonly used. The desert is a dangerous road for travelers, but it is only a preconceived idea of our predecessors. In fact, due to the accumulation of time, this road is not as desolate and difficult as it used to be. Especially after the yuan Dynasty, when Oriental silks and satins were introduced to the West and regarded as treasures, this road was traveled by merchants, so it is known as the Silk Road. As long as you know the desert, The road is not too difficult to walk. At least in the mind of Qilian Mountain, so since he had been fully prepared beforehand, and someone told him enough wisdom, plus his own mood, he looked at the desert with the poet's aesthetic feeling, white clouds, blue sky, sunset glow at dusk, vast Bohai Sea, all constitute his poetic and picturesque flavor. He had a roll of paper, a few pots of paint, and an easel in his bag, where he was so happy that he could stop and paint. So after the stormy night in the desert, he was so foolish that he did not go on, leaving a day to watch the growth of spring grass. It took him a full day to realize that the old dragon was a liar. Life in the desert was growing fast, but not so fast. It took him a day to see a little new green emerging from the withered and yellow grass roots, but only half an inch long. Although life developed faster than elsewhere, it did not meet his poetic requirements. Qilian Mountain was a little disappointed, but he was reluctant to leave this place, because it was a good place to see far, and the pasture was lush. Now it looks yellow, but it has sprouted. In a day or two, it will be green. At that time, it will attract many nomadic families and flocks of cattle and sheep to let him have a taste. Cattle and sheep can be seen in the wind and grass. The reason why he is not afraid of delay here is that he knows that there is an eternal Haizi, which is what Xinjiang people call a lake, where there is an oasis, a small stockade formed by several rooted families, and the most urgent need for travelers in the desert is food and water. As long as you get to Liujiazhai, everything can be replenished. He is so sure, the most important thing is that the old dragon gave him a map, the map is drawn on mulberry paper, not in proportion, not in accordance with the way of projection, but absolutely accurate, "Black Tiger Stone eastward an hour's fast horse journey, is Liujiazhai,side impact door beams, near the Wuli Sea, you can find Liu Erbaldy, is my friend." 。 cbiesautomotive.com


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