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The boar's stomach, which has been soaked in various herbs for a long time, can heal the wounds bitten by poisonous snakes, and produce granulation tissue at the base of the wounds, thus forming the so-called "therapy".

After Li and Abu tied up the boar, they carried the boar to the farm. It was almost past four o'clock in the afternoon, and by the time we got to the farm, it was almost five o'clock. And the little turnip head who went hunting next to them was around the wild boar carried by the two men, and the students who cut wheat on the farm saw the wild boar they carried in the distance. Teacher Fang, hit the wild boar, Li Badao, they hit the wild boar! Sharp-eyed Virgil was so excited that such a big boar could definitely eat enough tonight! All the little turnips on the farm rushed out. He saw Li and Abu carrying the wild boar into the farm triumphantly. Looking at this wild boar, Fang Bai also understood what this group of small turnip heads had in mind, that is, to regard themselves as free labor! "Aren't you afraid to die with such a big one?!" Fang Bai looked at these little turnip heads angrily. It's not easy to get a big meal, so of course you have to be full! Li Baodao Hei Hei smiled, this is his idea, it is not easy to wait until the forced teacher opened his mouth to invite a big meal, he has now seen the situation clearly, he is now temporarily unable to beat the forced teacher, but it is not no good to stay in this class, at least the appetite can be satisfied. You boy. Fang Bai laughed and scolded and patted Li's overbearing head. "All right, carry it to the wheat field!" "Let's go and get ready for a big meal!" With the promise of the big devil, the little turnip heads happily carried the wild boar to the wheat field. The farmer on one side looked at this somewhat terrible wild boar. It was the first time he had seen such a big wild boar in all his years of farming. Seeing that the mercenary regiment of the second class of a year could hit such a big wild boar,Pi tape measure, the farmer's confidence in the little turnip heads was not enough. Under the command of Fang Bai, the little turnip head hung the boar up. Looking for a farmer to borrow a knife to cut meat, killing wild boar this matter, although Fang Bai is not familiar with, but the memory is more killing skills, so. Killing a pig is almost the same! In front of the little turnip head, he cut a knife in the throat of the wild boar,Horse weight lbs, and then took a barrel to pick up the pig's blood. When slaughtering these animals, the blood must be put clean. Just like when you kill a chicken or a duck, you have to bleed it first, otherwise it will affect the taste of the meat. A knife was used very neatly in Fang Bai's hand. The pig's head was cut off directly, and the pig's tail and feet were unloaded by Fang Bai and thrown aside. And the pig's water, intestines, and so on, were also divided by Fang Bai. These are good things, especially the pig belly, Fang Bai carefully looked at the wild boar belly, which has countless black spots, commonly known as "therapy", the more "therapy", the higher the medicinal value. Wild boars like to eat poisonous snakes, Fiberglass tape measure ,Fish measuring board, which bite back on the inner wall of the boar's stomach before they die. The boar's stomach, which has been soaked in various herbs for a long time, can heal the wounds bitten by poisonous snakes, and produce granulation tissue at the base of the wounds, thus forming the so-called "therapy". Estimating the appetite of the radish head, Fang Bai put away most of the ingredients, which are perfect for bacon and sausage, and some inconvenient ingredients, such as pig's feet. Teacher Fang, these are all from us. You put them away. What else can we eat? Abu muttered discontentedly. Fang Bai glared at him and said angrily, "The chef also needs processing fees. Besides, is the teacher that kind of person?" That is, that is.. That's the kind of person. The little turnip heads answered in their hearts. You can rest assured that you will eat enough today! If it weren't for a lot of blood on his hands, Fang Bai really wanted to touch the heads of these little turnips. Luo Xue! Fang Bai called out to the crowd. Here we are! Luo Xue jumped out of the crowd. Call your Uncle Zhou and ask him to get some food and send someone over. The teacher is too busy to come alone! Fang Bai whispered. Luo Xue nodded, indicating that he understood. After hearing that the teacher was going to make trouble again, Tuesday Pang immediately sent someone from Jinyu Restaurant, including himself. Fang Bai took his disciples to work for nearly two hours. It was not until seven o'clock that the food was ready. By this time, the little turnip head was already hungry and crying. In several big iron pots, there are big bones, pig head meat, pig tail, pork ribs and other ingredients, with Fang Bai's unique cooking skills, the whole wheat field is filled with a strong fragrance. The best thing about this world is that the ingredients are pollution-free and you don't have to worry about eating bad people. Soon all the pig dishes were cooked, and even the farm people were invited to come because of the excessive ingredients. Kill pig dish very want, especially the wild boar kill pig dish, taste is good, Li overbearing wait for a person to take a thigh bone to eat there thief happy. Fang Bai's dog was even more excited and his eyes were shining. During this period of time, because this bastard disliked that he had gained weight, he either fed cabbage or vegetables, and all of them were greedy to death. When the dog bit the big bone of the pig, his eyes narrowed comfortably, and his face was full of happiness. This period of time is also bitter this goods, because Fang Bai in order to save trouble, feeding cabbage is fed raw, really let the dog helpless. Or that sentence, if not can not win this bastard, otherwise this dog master will let you understand, what is called the pain of eating cabbage every day! Recently, the bridge section behind the design. The point is, I totally screwed up the ending. Then when I turned around, I found Calvin again. The sea, you are all ***ing water. Work hard. Chapter 410 the mother of the strong, such as terror. "Can the investigation be clear that the so-called square killing is really all right?" Deep in the Warcraft Mountains,Adhesive fish ruler, something dark looked at the kneeling humans and asked. Report back to God, after many inquiries in the human empire, the Philistine hand is indeed safe and sound. The human was dressed in purple robes and was so luxurious that he did not look like a mortal. It shouldn't be! There was a voice of doubt in the darkness. "He died with the second God and demon!" 。


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