Sweeping the world

For example, Yu, Xie, Huan and Wang all have similar private soldiers, but the number is certainly limited, and they are all elite cavalry.

The family private soldiers in the south of the Yangtze River are different from the regular army of the imperial court, and there are some differences between the family private soldiers. For example, the regular army of the imperial court and some of the family private soldiers do not need to open up wasteland in a state of war, but some of them are not engaged in production but only exercise their killing skills. For example, Yu, Xie, Huan and Wang all have similar private soldiers, but the number is certainly limited, and they are all elite cavalry. Jin cavalry snake posture swimming is very slippery, they have been trying to get close to the distance of their riding and shooting, trying again and again but never have a chance, that is because the Han army strong crossbow shooting frequency is much faster than Xie Shi imagined, they can't bear the huge cost of casualties and just to ride and shoot after getting close. Sing gold and let the cavalry withdraw! Xie Shi finally did not have a smile on his face, replaced by full of awe, both doubt and horror: "Why can the strong crossbow of the Han army shoot so fast?" It takes about 40 breaths (elite) to reload the Jin army's strong crossbow after firing, which is a kind of strong crossbow that relies entirely on human hands or feet. The Han army's strong crossbow firing frequency is about fifteen breaths a round, mainly because the crossbow is equipped with a winch component. If the Jin army strong crossbow and the Han army strong crossbow loading time there is a huge gap, and the Han army using a similar to the "three shooting" arrow array rules, shooting frequency above will naturally be beyond imagination,hot tub manufacturers, but want to take similar arrow array technology to have enough crossbow number advantage. Xie Shi ordered to withdraw their own cavalry although timely, but they looked down upon the use of the Han army cavalry, but also to the Han army strong crossbow shooting speed of the wrong judgment. At the beginning of the Han army cavalry to attack the Jin army cavalry movement, although they are in the terrain of the cavalry speed is limited, but absolutely should not be so slow, is completely in the observation of Jin army cavalry action position, is waiting for their own step army signal. Dense arrows is no longer chasing the cavalry,endless swimming pool, is to cover some of the Jin cavalry may retreat position, forcing the Jin cavalry had to choose those not covered position to move, then hit the oncoming Han cavalry. Cavalry in the two sides will be before the collision, in the camp on the nest Xie Shi couldn't help but clench his fist, he saw is both cavalry almost at the same time to fire arrows, arrows are still floating in the sky, the two cavalry each issued their own battle number. What the Jin army is shouting is: "I am invincible!" The Han army roared: "The Han army is mighty!" As the sound fell, the arrows in the sky also fell. The cavalry in the front used their shields to protect their bodies as much as possible. When the arrows fell, the "tinkling" sound of the arrowheads and shields was heard all the time. More of them were the empty arrows that trembled on the ground. Naturally, there was no lack of the sound of people being shot and horses being shot. Huan Wen, who was also in an absolutely safe position to watch the battle, heard the bugle call of the cavalry of the Jin army and said with a smile, "It's really Xie's private soldier." The private soldiers of each family in the south of the Yangtze River all had their own battle names. Huan's battle name was "brave and fearless", Whirlpool bathtub ,endless swim pool, Yu's was "enemy without self", and Wang's was "our army is mighty". Each had its own characteristics, which were somewhat "feudal characteristics" of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. For example, the battle name of the small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty was very targeted, and they shouted "Wang Shi invincible". The exchange of fire only caused little damage to both sides. In the sound of hooves, the two armies soon collided. It was a collision between cavalry and cavalry, or the cavalry crossed each other and threw their weapons to kill (wound) each other. The cavalry in white and red robes "eroded" each other. Every moment, knights became the souls of the battlefield. After the cavalry battle between the two armies, Huan Wen and Xie Shi made the same move, that is, to mobilize the infantry. The difference is that Huan Wen needs his own infantry to be close enough to the defense line laid out by the Jin army. What Xie Shi wants is the infantry to meet his own cavalry and retreat. Be well-matched! yuan Qiao watched the cavalry battle with a monocular and said, "It's basically one for one. We have a slight advantage." The cavalry of the Han army (non-system troops) no longer use armor, but use a lighter plate armor style. The knights of the Han army, who are equipped with plate armor on the chest and leather armor on the rest of the body, are lighter and more flexible than the armor style, and also reduce the weight of the horse. It has been repeatedly proved that plate armor is not weaker than armor in protection, and has more advantages in speed and endurance. Huan Wen knows what yuan Qiao's words mean, that is, the cavalry of the Han army has the advantage of equipment, but the cavalry of the Jin army has the advantage of fighting skills. We can afford it. Huan Wen said in a realistic and cruel way, "Even if the one thousand cavalry we fought against were all gone, we still had two thousand, and the one thousand and four hundred cavalry of the Jin army were all gone." Given that it was important to solve the Jin cavalry for the next battle, Huan Wen issued a frightening order, that is, to let the approaching crossbowmen of the Han army indiscriminately cover the position of the cavalry battle, and let the pikemen charge. Europa there is a tactic, let the cavalry charge, the rear archers do not care about the enemy and our coverage, use the enemy and our soldiers' corpses to create a barrier wall, and then the infantry to meet the plane to form a siege, annihilate the enemy at one stroke. After discovering that the long-range troops of the Han Army were indiscriminately covered, Xie Shi immediately clapped his hands on the guardrail of the nest car. With a loud bang and a sharp pain in his palm, he roared: "Shameless!"! Shameless! It is both shameless and animal behavior! Indiscriminately covered by both cavalry, only a small number of them were found to be unable to do not cover, after all, the fierce fighting is more concerned about the current enemy, but there is no leisure time to pay attention to what is the situation outside, only thought that the other side is strong enough, was a gap in the charge of each other can also shoot arrows, even if it is shot to death is dead for no reason. Step army of the Jin army out of the camp, they walked a distance had to stop more than rigorous battle array, that is because the Han army trident in the other two arrows to force posture,5 person hot tub, if they don't stop step array, is to continue to advance in loose formation, by the Han army two cavalry impact not only to casualties will also collapse. monalisa.com


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