The President's Nine Contracts

It seemed that the restaurant of the Kingdom of Arthur was really not a good place to eat. With a strange sneer at the corners of his mouth, the eagle raised his red wine glass to his lips and took a sip.

"Oh, Third Young Master, don't get excited. The master is waiting for you in the living room." Qiyan stiffly pulled an expression, he was not surprised by the arrival of Li Qinyu, but in the face of this situation, he was still in a cold sweat, "dinner is about to start, why not go in and have a drink with the master?" "Go away!"! I'd like to see if his heart is black! Pushing Qiyan away, Li Qinyu went into the living room in a rage, roaring as he walked, completely losing the image of the usual elegant heartthrob. If his thousands of fans meet Dennis, the God of perfection in their minds today. Li Jing is like an angry lion. Will you be surprised? And in this world, the person who can make Li Qinyu burst out the "ugliest side" of human beings. Apart from Li Tianzhan, there is no second one! Chapter 5: Mysterious Contract 43 Hot Visitors to Zhanyuan (2) Zhanyuan's living room, located in the east wing, is used to set up a banquet to entertain guests, and the living room is divided into two parts, while entertaining guests, while entertaining guests. In fact, there are few guests in Zhanyuan on weekdays. Because of the eagle, I believe few people have the courage to be his guest. Therefore,jacuzzi manufacturers, the eagle is used to eating alone at a long table and eating cold food silently in the huge silent living room. And the real restaurant, in fact, was the golden house that Wen Qing had been to the morning before yesterday. He was in a good mood that day, and it was rare for him to open it once to entertain this swashbuckling black-haired woman. But unexpectedly, five hundred rubles hit him in the face. It seemed that the restaurant of the Kingdom of Arthur was really not a good place to eat. With a strange sneer at the corners of his mouth, the eagle raised his red wine glass to his lips and took a sip. —'s — — "Li Tianzhan, you bastard!" Li Qinyu's feet had not yet stepped into the living room, and the roaring voice had resounded through the sky,jacuzzi bath spa, shaking Zhanyuan three times. Then his angry face appeared in the beautifully decorated living room! A cold breath came to my face. Damn, this guy is still as cold as ever! Li Qinyu was followed by Qiyan. Master, the third young master is here. With Li Qinyu's popularity, it's not easy to ignore him. Blind people can see the fire burning on his face. Damn it, you still have time to drink red wine here! Li Qinyu angrily rushed over, a big hand, bang, the red wine on the table fell to the ground in an instant, the bottle did not break, and those sprinkled on the carpet, a strong fragrance of wine quickly filled the air, fragrant cold, Li Qinyu can not help but tremble. He glanced at his hand and then at the motionless eagle who continued to drink the red wine as if he did not exist. His anger surged to his forehead again and he shouted, "Li Tianzhan, you cold-blooded monster, outdoor whirlpool tub ,outdoor endless pool, did you listen to what I was saying?!" When the four words'cold-blooded monster 'crossed in the cold air, the voice stopped, and there was a strange smell in the silent air, mixed with the fragrance of red wine, which made Li Qinyu secretly frightened. Not to be outdone, he pulled up a chair and sat down on the opposite side of the eagle. His voice was full of anger: "What did you do to Yingshuang?"! She's still lying half dead in the hospital. Where on earth did she provoke you, Li, Tian, Zhan! When these three words came out of Li Qinyu's mouth again, it seemed that the atmosphere around him quickly congealed, emitting a suffocating treachery! Qiyan stood aside in a cold sweat. Li Tianzhan! Li Tianzhan! The title of the sky is the Chinese name that the owner has been taboo for many years! Eagle clenched the long fingers of the glass, the action of drinking slightly paused, ignoring Li Qinyu, and continued to drink the red wine. Damn, are you deaf? Qiyan, go and ask your cold-blooded master if he is willing to kill his own sister! Li Qinyu angrily touched the broken hair on his forehead, a kind of frustrated decadence, in the face of this millennium ice, he admitted that he really had no way to provoke! When he received a phone call from Moscow last night and learned that Yingshuang was in the hospital, the Li family immediately boiled up and down, especially after he learned that his sister had an accident in St. Damus, he could not sit still and arrived in Moscow on the latest flight without stopping and went straight to the hospital. After making sure that the wound on Yingshuang's forehead was not serious, he was relieved. Who knows, when she woke up, Yingshuang hugged Lian Zhongyi like crazy, crying and screaming, and took numerous injections of sedatives to calm her mental state. How much stimulation she had suffered last night, even Zhongyi could not say why, but without asking him, he guessed that besides Li Tianzhan, who else in the world would do this to the Li family? Who dares?! "She's not my sister." Finally, the iceberg opened its mouth, but the words that came out were still cold in everyone's bones. You- "Li Qinyu really wants to jump on this guy and punch him hard. He really wants to take off his mask to see if he is human or not!" Even if you don't recognize Yingshuang, where did she offend you? Don't you have to be responsible for the accident last night in your San Damus? With a sneer, the eagle gently put the empty glass on the table, the thin lips raised a smile, silver-gray pupils, flashing with unfathomable strange light, Li Tianzhan had not been reminded by Li Qinyu, I am afraid he had forgotten his name, forgot that he was also surnamed Li. "Qiyan, why didn't Miss Li Si tell me when she went to St. Damus?" The languid voice escaped from his lips with a cool and thin air, which went straight to the bottom of Qiyan's ears and set off a panic. Ask the master to atone for his sins. It was only this morning that Qiyan heard that Huei-fang had come to Moscow. Qiyan didn't know what had happened to Huei-fang in St. Damus last night. He just heard the manager over there say that Huei-fa was holding a man in her arms and crying for no reason, like a mentally ill prisoner. Qiyan felt his palms were sweating, well, in order to settle a dispute, in order to let the third young master flameout,whirlpool hot tub spa, he can only do so. Besides, he knew that even if the third young master threw himself on his master at the moment and beat him up, the master would never fight back! And he didn't want his master to get hurt. Because the master had promised the old lady that he would never use force against the Li family!.


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