Fox Xianggong by Leaping Flame

The moon orchid looked down at her. At this time, he had a full head of hair, a tattoo of bluegrass on his forehead, a silver-white flame in his eyes, and the whole person was as perfect as a sculpture.

"I got you." Xuan Tianqing pulled up the corners of his mouth and smiled with evil charm. The long knife burst out with blood-red light: "Let you try it today. It's the taste of being eaten." The fifth chapter is the responsible monster. He was as strong as an ox, covered with huge yellow scales like blades, and covered with purple mist. Behind him was a long tail with prominent bone spurs, a well-boned head the size of a water tank, big purple eyes like copper bells, and cold fangs in his mouth. The muscular front claws, like steel knives, grasped the bloody blade of the ice soul. As soon as Zhu Qing's face changed, he lost his voice and shouted, "It's Cang!" After Cang showed his full shape from the air, Xuan Tianqing's face suddenly froze. Ice soul blood blade horizontal lift, bring up a purple blood light. With a long and mournful hiss, he withdrew his claws and rolled up his long tail. The sharp bone spur pricked Xuan Tianqing in the chest. Xuan Tianqing flew back with the force of a stab, avoiding the attack of Cang. Xiaoyu slipped from the ground as if she had no bones. She went around the wooden pillars of the corridor to the beams. She turned her head slightly and opened her mouth. She puffed out a puff of light smoke at Cang. The light smoke was rotten when it touched things. It drifted all the way. The wooden pillars, beams and trees were corroded into gray, and then turned into empty corrosion holes, but there was no damage on the yellow scales of Cang. Bamboo green hands a horizontal, slender bamboo leaf sword pull up two sword flowers, body slightly shake, pull up a series of shadow front to meet Cang. The sword flower in each shadow's hand struck a spark on the giant scales on Cang's body. For a moment, the sharp crash was heard all the time. Cang roared, waving a giant claw sprinkled with blood to the bamboo green, Xuan Tianqing put down Sang Niang,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, hand on her body, Sang Niang around suddenly formed a flowing fox fire waterfall, surrounded her in it. Xuan Tianqing body lightning, sandwiched between Cang and Zhu Qing, suddenly lifted the ice soul blood blade, hard to carry the blow for her. Suddenly, with a dull sound, Xuan Tianqing's body fell down, and the solid marble square bricks at his feet cracked. Zhu Qing's hand did not stop,ceramic welding tape, and with this air raid, the sword stabbed into Cang's eyes. Cang big mouth one, fangs stuck bamboo leaf sword, then long tail ghost raised up, around to two people behind then to the bamboo green back of the gap to stab. The air was suddenly filled with the delicate fragrance of flowers. I don't know when the moon came out of the sky again. The shadow of a huge orchid slowly emerged in midair, the bud trembled and moved, and then slowly bloomed in the moonlight. There are Sanskrit sounds singing. Everything around us is shaking and vibrating in the sound of Sanskrit, and ripples are shaking around the flowers as the center. There are silver light waves in the void. Cang this thorn in the shock of the ripples lost the head, suddenly plunged into the land between the two bodies, Xuan Tianqing took the opportunity to rise full of fox fire, burning open Cang, pulling Zhu Qing slanting back to one side. The fox fire burns to Cang's body, immediately stirs up the purple flame of the stars, then burns quickly. In the fierce flames, Cang's body gradually turned into a molten state, and it pulled up the long tail of the sparks and suddenly rolled towards Sang Niang. Xuan Tianqing's face changed greatly. Flying forward, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic bobbin heater, however, the long tail castration is more urgent, and it is too late to rescue. Sang Niang watched helplessly as the sharp long tail, which was melting and burning with bone spurs, came to her face with scorching heat, and closed her eyes subconsciously. However, there was no expected pain, the body was light, and the burning heat in the air suddenly disappeared. A pair of big cold hands at the waist. Sang Niang opened her eyes and saw the moon orchid go and return, embracing her to avoid the blow of Cang, standing quietly on the virtual shadow of the orchid already in full bloom. You Sang Niang opened her mouth, but did not know what to say. The moon orchid looked down at her. At this time, he had a full head of hair, a tattoo of bluegrass on his forehead, a silver-white flame in his eyes, and the whole person was as perfect as a sculpture. Cang saw the moon orchid, took back the long tail, fell to the ground on all fours, shook his body, and the flame became more prosperous. His eyes flashed with greed, and he looked at the two people on the orchid. Moon orchid let go of mulberry Niang, ten fingers gently pull, countless huge orchid grass from the ground and break out, waving to Cang. Moon orchid eyes coldly swept Xuan Tianqing: "Ice Soul Blood Blade.". ” Xuan Tianqing inverted the long knife into the ground, the blade reflected the moonlight flashed a cold light, countless fine ice crystals suddenly spread along the ground where the long knife was inserted, quickly wrapped around the surface of the bluegrass leaves. The bluegrass leaves, which had not yet been covered with ice crystals, rolled up to Cang's body, only to block its ferocious oncoming force and turn into smoke. Xuan Tianqing slightly twisted the long knife, the crystallization accelerated rapidly, and the thick ice radiated around him as the center. With the protection of the crystal, the orchid leaves were wrapped around Cang's body and immediately tightened. Ice crystals are constantly evaporated by the flames on Cang's body, and constantly replenished, for a time Cang's whole body is wrapped in intense fog. Zhu Qing's face was cold, his hands were strong, and the bamboo leaf sword pierced Cang's eyes accurately. Between heaven and earth only heard a violent lament, Cang Qiang struggled again, but eventually failed, and fell heavily to the ground. The flame on its body was quickly extinguished as it fell to the ground. The crystals spread over its body, freezing it into an ice corpse. Zhu Qing came forward to look at Cang's stiff body, snorted lightly, pulled out his two swords, and then turned to look at the moon orchid warily. Xuan Tianqing's line of sight slowly swept from Sang Niang's body to Yue Youlan: "Thank you." "It was all because of me." The moon orchid waved her hands lightly. Blue grass, giant flowers, light and shadow flash, quickly disappear. The surrounding scenery began to look like a retrogression of time, but in an instant, it was restored to a quiet and peaceful mulberry house. But in the middle of the garden, there was an ice corpse as high as a hill. If I had not taken two trees from the underworld, I would not have given birth to this Cang from the thousands of rotting corpses and escaped to the world to do evil. The moon orchid looked at Cang's body and said, "All the people who were eaten by it died because of me.". Naturally,ceramic igniter electrodes, I want to kill it. There is no point in letting it kill again in the world. Xuan Tianqing pulled out the ice soul blood blade, and the long knife disappeared between his palms. His appearance was restored, but his eyes were cold. He looked at Sang Niang quietly: "Come here." Sang Niang walked to Xuan Tianqing's side and took a look at Yue Youlan. "Thank you for saving my life." "So we're even." The moon orchid smiles: "In the next Bian Cangyue." 。


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