Feng Qi Ah Fang

Murong Yong with five thousand fine ride is hiding in the town at this time, now Gao Gai and Han Yan from this should be forty miles away, but a day's journey.

Sure enough, the Qin general waved his hand, and the Qin army quickly gathered into a neat phalanx and retreated from the foot of the mountain. As soon as Murong Chong was stunned, he thought that there was a leak of stuffing. The snow on the ground was trampled to pieces just now, but the fork in the mountain left some tiny footprints. He regretted for a moment, and felt that it was time to make a prompt decision. At this time, if he went after him, he would be defeated by the enemy. The Qin army retreated so quickly that the original plan fell through, but Diao Yun did not know that he must still be on the way around the town. He immediately called Xiaoliu, taught him to take a few people, put on white clothes, through the front of the town, hoping to block Diao Yun on the way, but he also knew that it was probably too late. Xiao Liu answered and left. They moved very carefully, jumping or falling by the snowdrifts that appeared from time to time. Even in Murong Chong's eyes, they seemed to be integrated with the snowy day. The Qin army was even farther away than he was, and presumably it was impossible to detect them. Just as they were only ten feet down the mountain, Xiao Liu jumped up. This movement is really very sudden, although he whirled down again, but if the Qin army glanced at this side, it must be exposed. Murong Chong was annoyed for a moment, and then looked more surprised and uncertain, small six they actually turned the direction, to the mountain back. Besides,aluminium tile trim profiles, there seems to be one more person. Murong Chong ordered all the archers to aim their arrows at the way up the mountain, and he himself clenched his sword. When this group of people turned back to the mountain, Xiao Liu made a gesture to the archers, and the man he brought lifted his hood slightly, and a low cheer came into Murong Chong's ears. Murong rushed on the snow and got up, but saw that the archers had got out of the way without waiting for him to give the order. The man with the hood took three steps and two steps, and he was about to come up. The emperor As soon as the man pressed on the snow base, he whirled up and jumped in front of Murong Chong. As soon as Murong Chong's guards saw the man's jumping posture, they all relaxed their bows with a smile. The man pulled his hat off,metal trim manufacturers, but it was Murong Yong. He grabbed Murong Chong and looked around again and again. Murong Chong opened him and asked, "Why are you here?" Murong Yong, however, did not answer. He stroked his chest in an exaggerated way and leaned forward and backward. After a while, he said with satisfaction, "Fortunately, there is no hair missing. If not, I will lose my head." Murong Chong looked at him in puzzlement. Then he added seriously, "When the minister heard about the change of the Qin army, he asked me to come to his aid as soon as possible. If the emperor is missing a hair, he ordered me to go to see him." Just at the critical moment, the boy was still so talkative. Murong Chong wanted to laugh and scold. "Where is Gao Gai now?" He asked. Murong Yong this Fang Zhengrong, tell the reason. It turned out that Gao Gai had long believed that Yao Kui had an evil mind and felt that it would be suffocating to wait for him to launch an attack first. Murong Yong is going to Xinping Han Yan there, after his station, he felt that if Yao Kui was destroyed, Han Yan would not have any changes, tile profile factory ,stainless tile trim, so he decided to let Murong Yong go after Yao Kui. Murong Yong looked around on the middle road and found that Yao Kui had not gone to settle down, so he immediately flew to the newspaper and Gao Gai. When Gao Gai got the news, he immediately went to fight with Yao Kui and defeated his division. Yao Kui knew that his plan had failed, so he showed goodwill and told them that Fu Jian might go out of the city to seek war. Gao Gai frightened, immediately abandoned the Yao Kui, invited Han Yan, together with the east. For fear of losing, Gao Gai asked Murong Yong to meet him first. Murong Yong with five thousand fine ride is hiding in the town at this time, now Gao Gai and Han Yan from this should be forty miles away, but a day's journey. Murong Chong listened, in the heart side in the silent calculation, shout to kill the voice is frightened to the ear. Murong rushed down the hill and saw the retreating Qin army rushing to the north. Thousands of riders came out from there. Naturally, Diao Yun's troops were in a loose position. It seemed that both armies were caught off guard. Xiao Liu! Murong Chong remembered to ask Xiao Liu to inform Diao Yun. With a sharp shout, Xiao Liu rushed over and said to Murong Chong, "I just met General Right at the entrance of the town. He told me not to disturb General Diao, so he came up with me." Murong Yong made a great contribution to the defeat of Fu Hui in the first battle, so after Murong Chong ascended the throne, he was promoted to be the right general and took charge of his own side. Murong Yong patted the scabbard on his waist and said with a smile, "Your Majesty, please give the order for me and Diao Yun to strike together." At this time, the number of winners and losers has been exchanged. Although the arrow array on the mountain is useless, but with the five thousand riding ambush hidden in the town, the odds are greater than the previous plan. Murong Chong was about to nod, in the hill on the top of the tree sentry made a gesture, he saw that that is to say that the southeast direction of the Qin army backup up, but not much, only four or five thousand ride. Murong Chong could not help frowning and thinking a little. When Murong Yong saw Diao Yun's army retreating again and again, apparently falling behind, he could not help saying anxiously, "Your Majesty, it's now or never!" "No," Murong Chong had already made up his mind and said flatly, "You don't move first. I'll go down to rescue Diao Yun. After the two of us are scattered, you help us escape.." When Murong Yong heard this, he already knew what it meant. "Yes," he said, "where shall we lead the Qin army to fight a decisive battle?" Murong broke a dead branch in his hand and scratched on the snow. Murong Yong recognized that he was drawing a map of a nearby canal. First is the Jingshui River, and then leads to a canal, which is about the White Canal. Baiqu diverts the Jing River to the east, and the lower hexagram is injected into the Wei River, forming an angle with the Jing River. Murong frowned and gazed at him for a moment. Then he got up decisively and said, "Send your horse to Gaogai Hanyan right away and ambush them at the water intake of the Baiqu Canal." "Yes!" Murong Yong answered, but hesitated, saying, "Let me wear the emperor's armor on behalf of the emperor.." "There are a lot of people in the Qin army who know me." Murong Chong shook his head and said, "Go!" Murong Yong got up, wanted to speak and stopped looking at him twice. Before Murong Chong, no matter how others, he always called "Chong Ge", but since Murong Chong proclaimed himself emperor, he also changed his name in private. Not all identity changes, but now Murong Chong always let him feel a little moody, so he had to put away the intimacy of the day. He said no more and saluted,stainless steel edging strip, "Your Majesty, please take care of yourself." Then he winked at Xiao Liu. As soon as Xiao Liu pressed the knife, he showed the color of courage. Murong Yong stopped lingering and walked down the hill quickly. jecatrims.com


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