Jiuhua fishy wind

What's the matter with him? Asked the middle-aged man. The girl didn't know. Said the beautiful middle-aged woman. It's a goat. He said it smells good.

In the heyday, the most glorious years, it looks beautiful and noble, and you will know at a glance that it is the female dependents of a big family with status. Female The delicate fragrance filled the shop, driving away a lot of sweat odor. In April, it is sometimes rainy and sometimes sunny, sometimes warm and sometimes cold, and the smell emitted by people in places of public activity is really overwhelming. It has a delicate fragrance, which makes people's heart and spleen cool. It smells good. He blurted out a glance at the three women. Misfortune comes from the mouth. Two words go wrong. It's really bad luck. I'm afraid he's really in bad luck. The glance went awry and was misinterpreted as deliberate frivolity. The other was a big girl of sixteen or seventeen, dressed as a maid, with her hair combed into a pair of buns, who had already identified herself. But the quality of the dress. The material is very good, is the so-called pretty maidservant of the big family, the eyebrows are picturesque, beautiful and pretty, quite a lady's temperament, not like a servant. Female. The other was a girl of 14 or 15 years old, wearing two flowery shirts and trousers and two big braids. She was a little beauty with beautiful features. Strange beauty,lamella clarifer, that pair of sparkling big eyes with Aura, from time to time looking left and right around the people and furnishings, like often looking for hair. Sick mischievous elves, naughty ghosts who seem to be looking for someone to play tricks on them at any time. The girl's ears were sharp and her eyes were even sharper. Not only did she hear his two words clearly, but she also saw that his eyes were not honest when he glanced at people. Could she find the right person who was making trouble? It's like. Hateful The girl scolded and kicked out. He was two feet taller than the girl and passed by unsuspecting. Even if you are wary first, it is difficult to escape the surprise of the girl. The girl's legs are too fast,disc air diffuser, which is like a little girl. He was tall, and it was normal for him to ignore the lower plate. How could he expect the short girl beside him to move her feet? Women move their feet unsightly, even if It's a little girl. With a jolt of his shin, he fell forward. The girl giggled, and of course she was happy to throw down a big man. Then, I couldn't laugh. Boundless School Sweeping, Old Rain Tower Exclusive Serialization of Old Rain Tower · Yunzhongyue's "Jiuhua Fishy Wind" — — Chapter 2 First Emergence In the second chapter of "Jiuhua Houttuynia Wind" by Yun Zhongyue, he lost his center of gravity and moved forward. As soon as he moved forward, he put his palms on the ground, and his feet were swept out like lightning. "Ah.." The girl was also caught off guard, was swept in the hind leg bend, startled screaming backward and then fell back. Don't be naughty! The middle-aged beautiful woman laughed. The girl sat down and leapt up immediately, jumping up like a spring, disc air diffuser ,multi disc screw press, and swooping at him with her hands and feet. But the beautiful woman followed the sound of the chops and reached out to block it. The girl had to press the beautiful woman's hand and fell to the ground lightly. Awesome He heartily cheered that the girl's posture was so fast that she was as light as a swallow at such a young age. He was really a little frightened by the shocking realm. He scurried into the crowd and slipped away. A middle-aged man in a green shirt in front of the beautiful woman stared at his back with a snort and stretched out his hand. Cuff. He's just a big kid. The middle-aged beautiful woman cried in a low voice. The middle-aged man was about to grasp the big hand out of the void, but he heard the sound and took it back. What's the matter with him? Asked the middle-aged man. The girl didn't know. Said the beautiful middle-aged woman. It's a goat. He said it smells good. The girl said ferociously, clenching her fists on her waist and posing as a big man. The words did not cover up, "his pair of thief eyes, the thief is bright and bright." "Don't be impatient." The middle-aged beautiful woman laughed and scolded, "It's right to say incense!"! If you don't stare at him, how do you know he is staring at him? I don't like it. You trip people with your legs? What a shame. "Niang." "All right, all right!" The middle-aged beautiful woman took the young girl and walked away. "I think you are getting more and more naughty. I won't take you outside in the future." Move, so you don't make trouble everywhere. How much money did you lose this time? You are like a big broom. I don't know how many houses you have broken. "I'm tired of paying for the broken things for you. Are you tired or not?" The formalities for checking in had been completed, and the shopkeepers led their party of eight men and women back into the upper room. Zhang Wenji does not live in the upper room, but in the third East Guest Courtyard, which is a row of second-class simple guest rooms, with only one bed in a single room. One table and two stools, wash and go to the toilet all have to go to the well and the public toilet. To earn his own living and make his own way in the world, he had to live frugally and live simply, which was a last resort, and he could not save a few pennies to live in Datong. Shop, after all, he was born in a wealthy family, temporarily unable to adapt to the difficult life. In fact, he slept in the grass nest for many days, but at that time, he had to sleep in the grass nest in the wild mountains. Trouble struck again and again, and he wondered why trouble should find its way to him. Back to the room to rest for a long time, lying in bed on the only small window to read, the heart is a little confused, the invisible pressure of life panic. His heart was filled with fear, like a piece of lead in his heart. The book is Erzheng's general examination of the Caohe River, one of the series of books about the canal. *** him! An armchair strategist. As soon as he threw the book away in annoyance, he closed his eyes and pretended to rest. The footsteps of many people came to his door. Outside the room is the corridor, there are often shopkeepers or tourists walking, it has nothing to do with him, no one will pay attention to the footsteps outside the door. But the sound of the latch breaking was heard and could not be ignored. Never a shopkeeper. A shopkeeper doesn't break the latch to get in. He jumped to his feet and knew something had happened. Five people rushed in, and the leader was a middle-aged man with eagle eyes and hooked nose, followed by a monk who was about fifty years old. The last two were the two of the three Hanzhong on the pier of the inn, and one of them was brushed by his fingertips across the pulse door and took him. Mistaken for the big fellow of the ghost hand Ke Yongfu. He grabbed the bench beside the bed with his hand. It's him. The big fellow called, "Long, that's him, yes." The middle-aged man kept looking at him, his eyebrows furrowed,rotary vacuum disc filters, and it was a little funny to see the expression of Feng He, a violent tiger holding a stool. You bastard! The middle-aged man turned to the big fellow and cursed, "You said he was the ghost hand Ke Yongfu?" "This.." The big fellow is a little confused. Ghost hand Ke Yongfu is famous in Jianghu. He has seldom lost his reputation for more than ten years. How old is the young man? "Subordinates don't." I've never seen the ghost hand Ke Yongfu. "Is he?" 。 khnwatertreatment.com


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