Violent doctor (complete)

In addition to upgrading, you can also get a suit of equipment. Now there are a lot of suits, and after putting together a set, they have additional attributes.

"Yes, this girl's archery speed has improved a lot now, and she's about to catch up with me." Tongtong said with emotion. She and the good baby were tied for the strongest archers in mainland China before. One was famous for his fast arrows, and the other was famous for his strong attack. It's hard to say who is strong and who is weak. But now it seems that the strength of the good baby is better. Strong attack, she will also increase the speed of archery, can be fully worthy of the name of the strongest archer in mainland China. Tongtong, you have to try to catch up with the baby. Blue Rose patted Tongtong on the shoulder and said. Yes, Tongtong, aren't you always the same as the baby? "How to be surpassed by the baby?" White Rose also opened her mouth and said. Tong Tong shook his head and said, "There is no way to do this.". The baby's condition is better than mine. If she wants to improve her strength, she only needs to practice hard and improve the speed of archery. It's not so easy for me to improve my strength. The speed of my archery is extreme now, and I can't continue to improve at all. "Then you can increase your attack power!" Star Sugar said without hesitation. Tong Tong couldn't help rolling her eyes and said, "Where is the attack power so easy to improve?" "Why don't you just change your weapon?"? Your current weapon attack power is not very good, change a high attack power, your attack power will not be improved? How simple it is! Said the star sugar. If only it were as simple as you say! Tong Tong looked at the star sugar and said, "My weapon is really not very powerful, but it can't be replaced.". If I change to other weapons, my fast arrows will be greatly affected. The attack power has been improved,heavy duty rack manufacturers, but the speed of archery has been reduced, which is not worth the loss. "Oh, but you can't change the weapon. You can upgrade the weapon." Blue Rose interjected. My weapon is already a God. What do you think is the success rate of upgrading? When Blue Rose heard this, she closed her mouth. The success rate of god-level weapon upgrades is very low. Tang Qin's jade staff can be upgraded successfully, which can be said to be extremely difficult. Ye Lin turned to look at Tong Tong and said: "In fact, it is not as difficult as you said to improve the attack power." "Sister, do you have any idea?!" Tong Tong asked with some excitement. "Yes,mobile racking systems, and it's very simple," said Ye Lin with a smile. As long as I release the auxiliary skill for you, won't your attack power increase? Tong Tong raised his hand and patted his forehead, "elder sister.". It's too much. You're kidding me! Ye Lin straightened her expression and said, "Well, I won't tease you.". To be honest, it's not as difficult as you think to improve your attack power. Upgrade? That's the easiest way. In addition to upgrading, you can also get a suit of equipment. Now there are a lot of suits, and after putting together a set, they have additional attributes. It's not easy, but it's not too difficult for us. "Yes, why did I forget about it?" Tong Tong secretly scolded himself as a fool, "I can't change my weapons, wire mesh decking ,push back racking system, but I forgot that other equipment can be replaced.". I'll go to the warehouse to look for it and see if I can get a suit together. Ye Lin nodded slightly and said, "Well, if there is no Yumeng warehouse, you can go to Mengyuxuan and the auction room to have a look.". If not, we can pay for it. People are chatting here, but Tang Qin and the good baby are still fighting. After the good baby successfully defused Tang Qin's fury, he immediately launched a counterattack. The burst elemental arrow was cast and rushed to the ground under Tang Qin's feet. Burst Elemental Arrow and Ice Elemental Arrow are both Elemental Arrows. But there is a big difference. The Ice Elemental Arrow is more focused on controlling the opponent's actions. In terms of power, it's a little bit worse. But the burst element arrow is different, this skill can be said to be one of the strongest attack skills of the good baby. Moreover, the burst elemental arrow is not only powerful, but also has a wide attack area. After hitting the target, it will explode. The diameter of the explosion is five meters! This move is used to deal with ordinary magicians, which is absolutely very effective. Because of the speed of the burst elemental arrow, the attack area is large. Mages don't move as fast as rogues, and it's almost impossible to avoid them. Burst Elemental Arrows are used at the right time, and the chance of effectiveness is almost 100%! However, Tang Qin is obviously not an ordinary mage, so this move for her, although there is a threat, but the threat is not great. She waved her jade stick, and two small whirlwinds appeared at her feet, which quickly lifted her into the air. Although she has not completed five turns, as the strongest wind mage in China, she has been able to fly into the air with the help of wind magic. Although, this Fengxiang has a big gap compared with the suspension after five turns. The attack area of the burst element arrow is indeed very large, but it can not pose a threat to Tang Qin in the air. The good baby saw Tang Qin fly into the air, and the corners of his mouth showed a smile of success. In fact, she had long expected that the burst element arrow could not be a threat to Tang Qin. Now that he knew that the burst element arrow could not threaten Tang Qin, he still chose to use it in order to let Tang Qin fly into the air. Although Tang Qin could fly into the air, she could not move quickly in the air. Unable to move quickly, for the archer, it is equivalent to a fixed target! "琴姐 . You're going to lose! The good baby pulls the full long bow, explodes the inflammation element arrow to point at Tang Qin! Explosive Elemental Arrow, this is the strongest attack skill of the good baby at present, no one. Baby, do you think I can't think of it with your cleverness? Tang Qin also smiled, seemingly unaware that she was facing an extremely dangerous situation. Hey, sister Chin, so what if you think of it? The winner is still.. Suddenly, the baby's face changed wildly. Because she found that she had lost control of her body! "Wind binding?!" Good baby immediately understand what is going on, is the wind binding,warehouse storage racks, Tang Qin do not know when she used the wind binding! Wind binding is the only skill that controls the opponent in wind magic. When hit by Windbind, the Wind Elemental binds the target's body like a rope, making it unable to move.


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