Harm this country for many years.

That dish is cold. You might as well taste this." The voice did not fall, then bent over to hold her lips.

Lin Wanqian struggled, but he hugged him too tightly and didn't break away. Thinking of his action of eating most of the deadly dishes quietly just now, his heart suddenly became soft, and his depressed mood slowly dissipated. Finally, he summoned up his courage and raised his head to Rong Yan's dark eyes and asked, "This morning in the hall, Master Jun," she said gently, "I think too highly of myself. He put me next to you just.. Rong Yan eyebrows a cluster, know is Jun Yan today to see the attendant soup came to forget for a moment, the little girl saw the true meaning, but immediately relieved. She could see this layer clearly, although it was more uncomfortable, but it was not bad for her. Rong Yan raised his finger to cover her lips and said softly, "Why say it?" Lin Wan raised her face fiercely. After a while, she lowered her eyelashes again. Knowing that she had guessed correctly, her mood sank, but she quietly rekindled a glimmer of hope. She summoned up her courage and asked the person holding her: "So you," she bit her lip,Automated warehouse systems, "are you the same as Master Jun?" Rong Yan gazed at her, clearly seeing from her expression the hope and anxiety that she was trying to suppress. The hand holding her shoulder increased a bit of strength and said, "Do you believe me?" Unexpectedly, he threw the question back, clenched his fingers, and lowered his head. "I, I'm just a little scared." She tugged at the corner of her sleeve and frowned in the middle. "If you were like Master Jun,metal racking systems, we wouldn't be together anymore." Her lips opened and closed slightly, but she did not say anything else. The tips of her ears began to turn red. As soon as she raised her hand to rub it, Rong Yan raised his hand to hold her face and heard him say, "I treat you sincerely." As soon as a word was heard, Lin Wan's heart, which had been entangled together, suddenly relaxed. He breathed a sigh of relief, and an exquisite pear vortex appeared on his cheek. He smiled at Rong Yan and blinked. Rong Yan looked at Lin Wanqian's face and unconsciously touched his heart. He hugged her more tightly and leaned over her ear and said, "I'll take you away in a few days. Then there will be nothing to bind you." "Well.." Back to the Summer Palace? "Of course not," Rong Yan rubbed her hair. "I have my own mansion outside the palace." If you take her back to the palace, for her, I'm afraid it's better to be in Liangshan. Lin Wanqian smiled and said, "It's good to be with you, heavy duty metal racking ,teardrop pallet racking, wherever you are." Rong Yan put his chin against her hair, and his heart was more peaceful than ever. He closed his eyes and held her for a while. He didn't open his eyes until he heard the man in his arms saying, "We didn't have a good meal. I'll do some more.". Lin was about to get up when he was suddenly grabbed by the man behind him. "You put so much salt in the dish just now, but you only ate a mouthful yourself," he said with a smile. "Isn't that a loss?" He thought he was joking with himself. He was surprised that a man with a temper like Rong Yan could make a joke in one day. He reached for the cold dishes on the table and said, "Then I can eat them up." The voice did not fall, the arm was forced by the belt, and the whole person was caught off guard and fell back. With an exclamation of surprise, the next moment he had fallen into Rong Yan's arms. His face had been pressed up, and he said in a low voice against the tip of her nose: "That dish is cold. You might as well taste this." The voice did not fall, then bent over to hold her lips. The anniversary of death With a bang in her mind, her eyes suddenly widened, and the whole person leaned back uncontrollably on the mat. Rong Yan's warm breath lingered in her ears. Her fingers sank down the back of her neck in her black hair, and the thin lips with a cool feeling fell on her lips. Her heart was tingling with a straight kiss, and she couldn't help turning her head to dodge. Rong Yan raised his eyes with a slight cluster of eyebrows. With a burning spark in his eyes, he bent his head and bit her lips with some sense of punishment. Lin Wan's body trembled and he was honest. Rong Yan's smile deepened in his eyes. He raised her arm and put it on his shoulder and kissed her again. Before he could react, his teeth were pried open, and a soft object burst into his mouth, entangled with the tip of his tongue. Rong Yan's right hand, which had stayed on the side of her face, began to move down and slide down her body to her waist before he could stop. He was so frightened that he felt more and more out of breath. He had to hold his neck with his left hand and support his chest with his right hand. He wanted to make a sound to get him up. There was a low cry in his throat, and his ears were burning. Rong Yan noticed that the figure under him was stiff, and his eyes were soft. He slowly stopped moving, looked up and pecked her on the forehead. Then he let go of his hand, straightened his body and straightened her hair. He smiled softly: "Go." Lin Wan Qianxuan took a deep breath, stood up and patted his face, and fled as if he had left the room. Rong Yan glanced at the empty doorway and raised his lips, which he had just tried to hold down, and shook his head. . . . Tang, the attendant, did not delay much in Liangshan. On the third day, he set off to return to the capital of the summer. Together with Rong Yan, he sent him to the carriage at the foot of the mountain. Tang stood opposite Rong Yan. His bent body was lowered again. He said sincerely, "The king has been looking forward to your son's return to the summer for a long time, and he will wait until the spring of the year when he will die one after another. I also hope that you can join the king in offering sacrifices to the ancestral temple and Rong Yan looked slightly loose between his eyebrows, but only nodded. Tang got into the carriage. The bell clanged away. Lin Wan looked at him and asked, "When will you go back?" The man looked at her in a twinkling of an eye. "How do you know I've made up my mind to go back to the palace?" "Your mother is still waiting for you," said Lin Wanqian. Rong Yan was stunned and suddenly noticed a flash of sadness in her eyes. He pinched her palm and said, "Well, then you will follow me and worship my mother together." Lin Wanqian raised her hand and stroked her chest. She felt the undulating lines of the jade pendant through the material of her clothes. There seemed to be a trace of coolness in her skin. In silence, she heard him say, "Just follow me. Don't worry about anything else." Knowing that he thought he was worried about Xiahou's refusal to accept two people,asrs warehouse, he bent his eyebrows and raised his head to his eyes and said, "Well.". Seeing that she was about to die, he did not know what had happened to the queen who was far away in Sui. Rong Yan did not know what she was thinking and took her hand back to the mountain. kingmoreracking.com


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