We recommend all these organizations to stop doing business

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Cross-faction play isn't the only WoW update to be announced this week WoTLK Gold. In a separate update that has been received with appreciation by the community that plays the game, Blizzard is now cracking down on organised "boosting communities" advertising services in games. Activision Blizzard is also currently in the process of being bought by Microsoft in the $69 billion deal, leading some to wonder if WoW will ever make its way to Xbox consoles.

In a statement that cites an "increasing perturbation to the game experience," Blizzard has updated World of Warcraft 's end-user license agreement to bar organizations who promote or offer in-game boosting and other services.

Accounts that are found to be associated in a gang of organized boosters in particular, particularly those that are operating on multiple servers, can now be suspended or permanently banned.

"We recommend all these organizations to stop doing business with World of Warcraft immediately, so that they can maintain uninterrupted playing," WoW community manager Kaivax writes in an official article on the game's forums.

While organised "boosting community" are now bannable This post is clear that in-game players and even guilds are still able to use the chat channel in the game to purchase or sell in-game services in exchange for gold.

In the past, boosting was a hot topic within The WoW community for a while now buy WoTLK Gold, with many players debated about whether or not the game is really "pay-to-win" since players can just buy gold through purchasing the WoW tokens directly from Blizzard. The gold can later be used to purchase boosts purchased from individuals or from professional boost services, which can include carries throughout the game's endgame content, including raids, or more difficult Mythicand Dungeons.

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