Moving - Handling Moving special items like antiques, pianos

Moving - Handling Special Items When You Move

When it's time to move most people discover they have accumulated enough possessions to warrant hiring a moving company and renting a truck. Using a consumer based web site to find that moving company takes a lot of the stress out of relocating and lets the consumer find a reputable mover with relevant ease. The process can be expensive but there are some ways to help cut down the expenses that anyone who uses a moving company should be aware of.


First make sure to ask the relocations company if their insurance will cover any accidents caused by their employees. For items that are especially valuable where insurance may not cover the whole replacement cost transport the item yourself if possible or take out extra insurance on the item with your home insurance policy.


If you have specialty items such as grandfather clock or piano you will need to be aware of some added details. Grandfather clocks for example need to be taken apart before they are moved so make sure to plan ahead and have a specialist do this before it is time to move. If you have a piano make sure your mover is a piano specialist. This item is very heavy and someone unqualified can easily damage it in the move.


Finally a trick to cut cost down is to pack up your own books if you have a lot of them and have them shipped to your new address at the book rate using the postal service. This is slower than regular mail but relevantly cheap and will cut down on the cost to have movers pack and move them and they will arrive after you have safely moved in.


Before the big moving day arrives make sure to make a detailed inventory of all of your belongings, include the replacement cost of the item and make sure to document any pre-existing damage to the item such as scratches or dents. How big are they and where are they? Take photographs of the items especially items with pre existing damage for future reference. Make sure when the movers arrive to have them do an inventory and make sure everything on your list is packed.


If something does go wrong,  Moving special items like antiques, pianos a great added benefit to picking a mover off of a consumer based web site is the resolution team that works for the web site will address any negative consumer reviews with the moving company and help work out a successful resolution if there is a dispute over breakage or any other issue after the move is complete. And of course when your successfully moved make sure to rate your experience with the mover you choose so other customers can benefit from your experience.


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