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We at Sun Industries believe in accurate, precise and greater output that is provided by mechanisation

We at Sun Industries believe in accurate, precise and greater output that is provided by mechanisation of the construction works and therefore we bring to you a series of construction equipment to make your work not just easier but also of finer quality. One such tool we offer is an Electric Power Trowel.


A Concrete Power Trowel (also referred to as a "power float" or "troweling machine") is a lightweight industrial machinery used by workers and construction companies to level RCC and PCC roads, floor and slabs of concrete. Power Trowels are an important part of the finishing process that should not be overlooked. It will make the process easier and your output more sophisticated if you use one.


Troweling is crucial with every concrete placement because it helps the concrete to complete the process of drying and forcing remaining water out of the concrete. Eliminating any surplus water from the concrete reduces the likelihood of it breaking. 

A Power Trowel is a construction equipment that is used to give newly poured concrete slabs a polished look. This machine has one or two rotors that revolve in the same direction as the concrete surface. The rotors spin discs or multi-bladed extensions against the still-wet surface of the concrete, efficiently leveling away any imperfections or high areas.

The top of concrete blocks is irregular and coarse after they've been hurled. The majority of building standards call for an even slab surface, which necessitates smoothing the concrete before it dries and hardens. On tiny slabs, pavements, and pathways, a screed is used to level the ground. A screed is a flat wooden, steel, or aluminium plank pulled over a concrete surface to level off any high or uneven patches. On larger slabs, this approach is impractical, so the Power Trowel has become a major method of surface alteration making it the best flooring machine.

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This Trimix Flooring Machine, also referred to as a helicopter or power float, is a tool housing a vertically inclined gas engine that drives 1 or 2 two rotors. The rotors are laterally oriented and made up of a fitting that powers a flat disc or multi-bladed attachment which looks like a huge fan. The Power Trowel's drives have a clutch and a "micro cut off switch" that allow for progressive involvement and total disengagement of the drive if the user loses his grasp on the working lever. When force is exerted to one side of the rotor, friction between the disc or blades and the surrounding concrete drives the Power Trowel ahead and spins the device. Power Trowels come in two sizes: walk-behind and ride-on.

The disc or blades' spinning movement smoothens bulges and plugs depressions in the damp surface of the concrete, resulting in a level, uniform bed. It also exposes the oil or cement mixture in the concrete, resulting in a gleaming, polished look. Numerous outdated Concrete Smoothing Power Trowels can't get near enough to the slab's sharp margins, requiring hand troweling. Latest models like that of ours include specifically developed blades that can smooth the surface of the concrete all the way to the margins, substantially reducing the completion time.

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  1. The innovative QuickStop technology quickly prevents the blade from whirling without spinning the handle. Our features have a low amount of arm vibrations.
  • The machine’s interconnected maintenance bearings, fastening blades, and protected belt wrap bolts all contribute to a faster and easier maintenance process.
  • All versions are driven by a powerful motor, and sections subjected to wet concrete are intended for simple cleansing.
  • The user has maximum control thanks to the sturdy hand triggering grip. In addition, the de-vibrated handle's elevation may be easily adapted to meet the operator's needs.
  • This mini Power Trowel manufactured by Sun Industries is best to work in restricted places, with rubberized skirting to protect surfaces and obstructions.
  • Our series comes equipped with a singular elevating hook and a folding grip. Extended handles that are provided makes it easier to steer, resulting in greater mobility.


  1. Power Trowel Floater 3HP Dual Speed-

The double speed Power Trowel, which weighs around 110 kg and has a diameter of 1000m, contains a floating disc that weighs 17-18 kg and has a diameter of 980mm. The blade dimensions of this dual-speed device are 165mm x 320mm x 3mm. This machine is driven by a 3HP 3 Phase 2.25KW motor that runs on 415 Volt AC electricity and rotates at a pace of 1440 to 2880 times per minute.

  • Power Trowel Floater 2HP Dual Speed- This electric Power Trowel weighing up to 95kg has a machine diameter of 1000mm. The floating disc used in this machine has a weight of 17-18kgs and a diameter of 980mm. The dimensions of the blade used is 165mm x 320mm x 3mm. This equipment is powered by a 2 HP 3 Phase motor that produces 2.25 KW of power and requires a power supply of 415 V AC. The efficiency of this tool is guaranteed by the fact that its motor produces a 1440 to 2880 rotation per minute.

Are you still wondering whether you should ditch the screed for a concrete smoothing Power Trowel? Wonder no more and switch to a Power Trowel today, for a greater productivity. Contact Sun Industries right away and allow us to make your work simpler.

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