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The BMPT Terminator weapon is located on an unmanned turret.

The BMPT Terminator weapon is located on an unmanned turret. This is the mighty BMPT, a Russian armored fighting vehicle armed to the teeth and specialized for anti-infantry and urban roles.

As it is based on the hull of a main battle tank the BMPT Terminator is exceptionally well armored for its class, with steel, composite and explosive reactive armor present. In fact, with all of the crew in the hull it likely has better survivability than the MBT it is based on.

Are they Worth it?

The BMPT Terminator series of vehicles are truly impressive machines, with enough guns and armor to make a battleship jealous. However, they have been in development in one way or another since the 1980s, which begs the question, are they worth it?

Take the crew, for example. The BMPT Terminator needs a crew of five and was marketed towards countries that use T-72s – but T-72s have a crew of three. This would force any prospective buyer to bring in another two crew members per vehicle.

The BMPT Terminator was spotted in Ukraine, during Russia’s invasion of the country in February 2022. While they are known to be in the country, there has been very few sightings of them, with even fewer showing them in combat zones. This has suggested that Russia is either using very small numbers of them, or keeping the BMPT Terminator away from danger.

Still, despite its flaws and somewhat overambitious nature, the BMPT Terminator looks awesome, and for us tank lovers that is all that matters much of the time.

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