How Are Babies with Asthma Diagnosed?

Diagnosing a little one, particularly one who can’t quite voice their feelings yet, can be a tricky task for doctors.

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What are the symptoms?

It can be difficult to diagnose babies with asthma, as their age makes it difficult for them to describe just how they are feeling.

It’s also important to know that a fussy baby could be due to any number of things, and so may well not be attributed to asthma.

So, how to spot when it may be rearing its ugly head for your baby?

Well, if you notice your baby suffering from any of the following tell-tale signs and symptoms, chances are, asthma is on the horizon:

Coughing constantly

A chronic cough is a tell-tale sign of asthma


Shortness of breath 

Chest tightness 

Bored breathing 

Panting or heavy breathing 


Difficulty eating or sucking

How is Asthma in Babies Managed?

Due to the very nature of asthma being a long-term, chronic condition, unfortunately there is no cure. A lot of children may find that their symptoms lessen as they get older, or that they eventually outgrow the condition.

But it’s important to take steps to be able to effectively manage your baby’s condition.

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