The Revolution of Micro Precision Cold Extrusion Parts

The Revolution of Micro Precision Cold Extrusion Parts

The Revolution of Micro Precision Cold Extrusion Parts

Micro Precision Cold Extrusion is a cutting-edge production technology that has been widely adopted for the large-scale production of medium and small forgings. This technology is characterized by its high precision, high efficiency, high quality, and low consumption.Get more news about Micro Precision Cold Extrusion Part Exporter,you can vist our website!

The automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and other high-tech industries have a strong demand for precision formed connecting elements of various kinds. These parts are subject to high price pressure. Thanks to the highly modern cold forming and extrusion technology, complex parts that could only be produced at great effort and expense on lathes in the past can now be manufactured as low-cost cold extrusion or cold formed parts.

Specializations in this field include collar studs, parts with shoulder, stepped bores as well as parts with female and male threads – in steel, high-grade steel, brass, copper or light metals. For smaller batch sizes, the manufacture of low-cost blanks as cold extrusion parts is recommended.

Compared with hot forging and warm forging, Micro Precision Cold Extrusion can save 0% to 50% of material and 40% to 80% of energy. This significant reduction in material and energy consumption makes it an environmentally friendly choice for industries.

Moreover, the modular extruder design allows the removal of the barrel and its replacement by a preheated barrel with pre-mounted tooling, all within a few minutes. This system slashes changeover time in the cleanroom and removes the dirty activity from the clean environment by hot-swapping the barrel, screw, and die head.

In conclusion, Micro Precision Cold Extrusion is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Its ability to produce high-quality parts at a lower cost and with less environmental impact positions it as a key player in sustainable industrial practices. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more improvements and applications for this innovative process.


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