Marketing Strategies for a New Rehabilitation Center

If you're starting a new rehabilitation center or considering opening one, you'll find this post helpful for effective marketing strategies.

You have finally decided to open your own rehabilitation center, and the next logical step is marketing. It can be a difficult thing to pinpoint where you should focus your efforts when heading towards the strata of how to open a rehab, so we’ve put together this article with a list of strategies you might want to explore. Some of these strategies include things like creating an informative website and advertising on social media platforms.

If you're starting a new rehabilitation center or considering opening one, you'll find this post helpful for effective marketing strategies. We're going to look at how to get the word out about your center and attract prospective clients. Some topics that you must understand in depth are-

  • what marketing strategy is right for your rehab facility
  • understanding who your customers are and what they want
  • developing a strong branding message
  • making available information on pricing and treatment options.

One key component of any successful rehabilitation center is its ability to garner local involvement. If you want to create a center that truly supports those with whom it deals, you may want to take a more proactive approach than just sitting back and waiting for people to come through your door. Building and marketing new rehabilitation clinics is nothing short of stimulating. It’s so stimulating that it has the power to make you lose sleep, make you neglect your family, and stress you out to an almost unsolvable degree. But it can also give you clarity and inspiration on life’s true purpose when done right.

Most rehab centers have not been very successful in bringing new clients or keeping existing ones coming. In fact, some may have closed their doors because they weren't being retained and didn't bring in enough business.

As rehab centers are struggling to stay in operation, they are looking to adjust their marketing strategies. Beyond more traditional advertising and PR, the rehabilitation trend is starting to push towards social media marketing.

The major challenges the rehabilitation industry faces include the lack of programs available for those with substance use disorders, and a lack of professional support staff. Marketing strategies used by successful businesses can help them maintain morale among employees and clients alike while also reaching out to new people in need of treatment.

For most rehabilitation centers, the Internet has become their largest source of new clients. They are able to create websites which can link to health and rehabilitation related pages such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as helping clients find referrals. Centers are also using internet marketing strategies to connect with people who may not be users of their services but still have an interest in helping with substance abuse education.

Social media is a powerful way to reach people, especially those who might not be looking for you. Successful social media marketing will cost more than traditional marketing, but the return on investment can also be higher. There are so many places to promote your rehabilitation center these days that it can feel overwhelming. Here are some strategies that have worked for others:

  • Make your pictures attractive. You want to make sure you are able to attract the attention of visitors. A strong aesthetic often stimulates sales or leads.
  • Are you providing useful content? People will check out a page if they think it is worthwhile. You can write about different resources for your center, important milestones in your development, and other relevant info.
  • Traditionally, a blog is a great way to communicate with your community, but there are also other ways to get people involved .

The rehabilitation industry is often referred to as the "blue ocean" of the health care industry. The "green ocean" consists of primary and general health care. The rehabilitation industry is made up of many different specialties including mental healthcare, physical therapy, and behavioral medicine. In some cases, a rehab center may include dentistry, pharmacy and other allied healthcare services.

Though the federal government funds more than half of substance abuse rehabilitation in the United States, these programs leave much to be desired. This is because the majority of funding goes towards what are deemed to be the "core programs," while additional facilities and services are not funded.

On top of this, insurance companies often will not cover treatment in a residential treatment center. This leaves those who need rehabilitation assistance no choice but to venture into the world of self-funding. In some cases, this is due to an inability to get health coverage through employment or some form of social program.

Having said that, marketing is indeed the engine behind any successful facility and it is included in the building blocks of how to open a rehab. To sum up of what everything should be taken in account for, below are some pointers-

  • Talk with insurance providers and negotiate payment rates
  • Offer onsite rehabilitation programs to drive more foot traffic
  • Utilize Facebook as well as other social media channels to reach more potential clients
  • Update their website with their new look and product offerings.

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