How to Change Turkish Airlines Flight

Turkish Airlines has its own flight change policy that outlines the procedures and conditions for changing your flight.

  • Log In to Your Account: If you have a Turkish Airlines account, log in using your credentials. If not, you may need to create one to access your booking.
  • Access Your Booking: Navigate to the "Manage My Booking" or a similar section on the website. You'll typically need to enter your booking reference (also known as a PNR) and your last name to access your reservation.
  • Select the Flight to Change: Once you access your booking, you should see a list of your booked flights. Choose the specific flight or itinerary you want to change.
  • Review Available Options: Turkish Airlines' website will typically display available flight options for the same route and date or alternate dates. Review the options to find a suitable alternative.
  • Choose the New Flight: Select the new flight you want to switch to, taking note of the departure time, date, and any fare differences that may apply.
  • Confirm the Change: Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the flight change. At this point, you may need to pay any applicable change fees or fare differences, depending on your ticket type and fare class.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Rules

Turkish Airlines' flight change rules can vary depending on several factors, including the type of ticket you have, the fare class, destination, and the specific terms and conditions associated with your booking. While I can provide you with a general overview based on information available up to September 2023, please keep in mind that airline policies are subject to change. Always check Turkish Airlines' official website or contact their customer service for the most current information. Here are some common aspects of Turkish Airlines' flight change rules:

  • Change Fees: Turkish Airlines typically charges change fees for modifying your flight reservation. The fee can vary based on factors such as your ticket type, fare class, destination, and how far in advance you make the change. More flexible fares and higher fare classes often have lower change fees, while discounted or non-refundable fares may have higher fees.
  • Fare Class Restrictions: The flexibility to change your flight may depend on the fare class of your ticket. More flexible fare classes, such as Business Class or higher, often allow changes with fewer restrictions, while lower fare classes, like Economy Saver or Economy Promo, may have more stringent change rules.
  • Advance Notice: Turkish Airlines may require passengers to provide advance notice if they want to change their flight. The amount of notice required can vary, but it's advisable to request changes as early as possible to minimize fees and ensure availability.
  • Online vs. Phone: You can usually initiate flight changes through the Turkish Airlines website or mobile app. However, there may be the option to call their customer service for assistance with flight changes.
  • Same-Day Changes: Turkish Airlines may offer same-day flight change options for a fee, allowing you to switch to an earlier or later flight on the same day as your original booking, subject to availability.

Turkish airlines flight change 24 hours policy

As of my last knowledge update in September 2023, Turkish Airlines typically allowed passengers to make flight changes within 24 hours of booking without incurring a change fee. This policy was in accordance with the industry standard and regulatory requirements that allow passengers to cancel or change their reservations within 24 hours of booking and receive a full refund.

Here are the key points of Turkish Airlines' 24-hour flight change policy

  • Cancellation and Refund: Within 24 hours of booking a flight with Turkish Airlines, you could typically cancel your reservation and receive a full refund to the original form of payment. This applied to both refundable and non-refundable tickets.
  • Change Your Flight: In addition to canceling your reservation, you could also change your flight details within the first 24 hours without incurring a change fee. This allowed you to modify your travel dates, times, or destinations.
  • Booking Channels: The 24-hour policy generally applied to bookings made directly with Turkish Airlines through their website, reservation center, or at the airport. Bookings made through third-party travel agencies or websites might have different policies.
  • Booking Restrictions: This policy typically applied to all fare types, including non-refundable tickets. However, fare differences might still apply if the new flight is more expensive than the original one.