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I pray God shall cause you to be multiply greatly and flourish, in this week heaven will bring many opportunities to your way, you shall enjoy maximum benefit of good things without restrictions, divine enlargement without sweat and abundant blessings and great success without stress, you are going to received mercy beyond measures and heaven will pour out is divine blessings upon your life, in Jesus name Amen Good Morning and have a great week ahead.


As you cross over to the new month this week. As cool as the day is,so shall your life be cool and free from all calamities. You shall be like a tree planted by the Riverside that flourishes and cannot be moved in Jesus Name. Hear this as God liveth!!!!!!!!!. The light of God will expose every hidden work of darkness in your life and destroy them. This same light will expose you to every awaiting favour and goodness of God. May this day bring forth blessings, comfort, and breakthrough to your life. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Good morning

Beloved child of God,
When a lion walks, other animals go into hiding; wherever you go this weekend because you carry the mark of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, all challenges and obstacles around you shall not only go into hiding but they shall fizzle away.
Whatever seems impossible according to man shall be made possible, His Grace shall connect you with your destiny helpers, His inexhaustible Mercy shall pave way for you this new weekend and always in Jesus name.Amen.
Good morning.
Have a blessed and stress free weekend.

Doors of favour and divine connections shall open for you and everything created by God will work for you in your favour. By the time your glory will come forth, sudden death will not take you away. God will bless you beyond your imagination, you will excel from one region to another, you and your family will be filled with joy, peace, wealth and riches in Jesus mighty name. Good morning, have a wonderful new week.